Congratulations to #360 for Chairman's Award


I would like to offer congratulations to team 360 for their receiving the Microsoft Seattle Regional Chairman’s Award. It’s hard to describe briefly the many contributions of this team and it’s mentors to encourage and inspire the next generation and advance FIRST in the Puget Sound area.

Suffice it to say that Blair had only to speak the words “This team has a long history …” before it was recognized who the award winner was.


Given the team histories in Washington, this event could not have had a more perfect ending than having 488 win their first Championship banner, and 360 win Chairman’s. I couldn’t have been happier if I’d been on one of those teams. This is not to take anything from other teams at the event, but these two have been delivering the program for years and both richly deserved this recognition.

Let’s take a minute to turn around and ask, “what time is it?”


Being a member of team 360 I’d like to thank everyone who was an is behind us in our winning the Chairman’s Award. I can say that Saturday will be the most remembered day in all our lives and in our alumni lives (many were there and crying with us)
It’s people like you who make that day and the days after even more special :]


Good Job 360!
I’m sure Ashlee Snodgrass will be very happy if she hasn’t found out yet. She was busy helping teams at our own regional.

That makes the 2 teams who started right after each other with a CA (359 and 360). :smiley:


Thank you very much, thank you also for being our alliance partners.


congratulations to Team 360 on winning the Chairman’s award!!! How great to have your alumni back to help out at the MSR…your team keeps giving and giving!!! :slight_smile: See you in Atlanta!



Thank you for the kind words.

We had some unique opportunities come our way this past year, I am over joyed that the judges saw them in the same light we did.

And BTW I spoke with Ashley right afterwords, she’s one of ours!



Even though it is called the Regional Chairman’s Award, it turns out that we Regional Chairman do not participate in the selection or vetting of the teams. That is entirely between the judges and the students who present the material. To be honest, I am very happy with that arrangement, since for me to select a winner would be the most gut wrenching experience imaginable. Until the awards ceremony, the winning team is a secret that I am not privy to, but this winning team is not a surprise at all.

Washington state is blessed to have a number of very strong FIRST teams who do a lot of work to help FIRST run in our state. Volunteerism is alive and well throughout the entire FIRST community. I can’t express how much we appreciate and depend on the support of all Washington state teams. The success of this program is a direct result of the participation by all.

As an active recipient of the gracious professionalism, volunteerism, and can-do spirit of team 360’s efforts to support all of our programs, I would like to congratulate this team for winning this award. Team 360 has a long history of organizing, staffing, and executing all of the FIRST programs in our state. FLL, FVC/FTC, and FRC. 360 students and alumni are critical to the success of the Seattle FRC regional. For years, they have been the backbone of the FLL experience for thousands of students. They are the main force behind the FTC efforts. If you have been to a FIRSTWA event, you know this already!

Team 360 is a role model team for others in our region. I have been watching their impact on our FIRST community for many years, and on other FRC teams in particular. I already envision the next set of RCA winners who have learned so much from them.

On a personal note, I can’t imagine us having done FIRSTWA for the past 7 years without team 360’s help.



Thank you so much for all your support and congratulations. It means so much to us! We love you all so much and can’t wait to party hard with you guys next year! :smiley:


Not only a big congratulations on a very well deserved award, but a big thank you for streaming the video of the competition. I know several students on our team had friends and family who couldn’t make it down to Seattle tuned in over the web.

As much as there were other teams who would have dearly liked to win, and who would have very compelling submissions, I think there was a pretty unanimous consent that the most deserving team truly did win.

Go 360!



A congratulations from Team 955 as well. You guys are one of the dominate team from the pacific northwest. I was glad to work with you and against you for the past four years.

I realized that we (team 955 and team 360) were alliance partners together in my first and last robotics regionals, Portland in 2006 and this weekend in Seattle. I got my spark from working with you guy in 'O6 and making it all the way to the finals. Your influence has reached far pass your own team and that is what FIRST is all about and why you guys earned the Chairman’s.

Good luck at the Championship.


Congrats guys. I wish I could have been there to see it with my own eyes. I hear you guys took a big photo at the end: please host it up!