Congratulations to 67, 111 & 971

I just want to say Congratulations to 67, 111 & 971 for a superb performance on Einstein. We knew you would be tough alliance and gave it our best. You guys were awesome.

Thank you my FRIEND … Over the years you have been one of the teams that always perform as the class act that you are and have always been. I am a very rich man to have a FRIEND like you. Lets talk about IRI ???


It was a great pleasure to coach with you at the Lansing District, Tom is right you guys a re a class act all the way around.

It was very tough for 67 to look across the glass and see the two best robots in Michigan (217 and 68) and the best defensive robot in Michigan (247), and not be worried about how the matches would turn out. We have all competed against each other and won District Championships together this season.

I had goose bumps when Dave Verbrugge announced all the connections between the teams on the field in the finals.

On Thursday morning Paul and I discussed that it would have been meant to be if we were lucky enough to get into the same division together. But, since that didn’t happen, our teams owed it too each other to meet in the Finals on Einstien. I know the thought of possibly playing against 217 was on my mind the entire weekend.

67 was pulling for the 217, 68, 247 alliance all the way through Curie and the Einstien SF’s. I am happy that 217 were Finalists and it is even better that 68 was there with them.

In 2005 an alliance with 67 defeated an alliance with 217 in SF on Einstien. In 2008 an alliance with 217 defeated an alliance with 67 on Einstien in the Finals. In 2009 an alliance with 67 defeated an alliance with 217 on Einstien in the Finals.

This needs to stop! Lets all get together and do it next time, and hopefully 68 can come with us too.

Thanks for the kind words. It was a pleasure to play you. We knew it could have gone either way, your alliance was that good! Anytime you can pit a couple of Michigan teams against another alliance, you have a good idea of the outcome. However, when you get three all at once, well you know the stats on that scenario. Hope to see you in Indiana.

Well done!

You guys are a great alliance and had an effective autonomous strategy… as proven by your undefeated run to the Gold. 1318, The IRS, is proud to have played in Galileo with you. Watching your alliance was both thrilling and terrifying.

Remember the Top 10 List shown during the Finals? The picture of the dump truck full of moon rocks? Yeah, paint it tie-dye and slap “111” on the bumper!