Congratulations to all Indiana FIRST Teams!!

Sorry to everybody else to be state-ist, but Indiana did an Excellent job at Nationals in Atlanta this year. I will list the Indiana teams in order of placing, for all Indiana teams in the top 8 alliances. I know I’m late, but it had to be done.

Champions: FOUR-TIME NATIONAL CHAMPION, Team 71 from Hammond, IN (also known as Team Hammond, Team Beatty, Beatty-Hammond, etc)
Allies: 494 (The Martians, from Goodrich, MI) and 435 (The Robodogs, from Raleigh, NC)

Runners-up/Finalists: 1218 (The Evil Hanging Chad, from Philadelphia, PA), 469 (Las Guerrillas from Bloomfield Hills, MI), and ** 868 (The TechHounds from Carmel, IN)**

  1. aka: the dream alliance (my name): Team 279 (Tech Fusion from Ottawa Lake, MI), Team 66 (The Flyers from Ypsilanti, MI) and ** Team 461 (Westside Boiler Invasion, from West Lafayette, IN) ** (an advisor told me we were the 5th place alliance)

  2. (probably 5): 716 (Falls Village, CT), ** Team 45 (The Technokats from Kokomo, IN) ** and **Team 1272 (from Bloomington, IN) **

Congratulations to these 5 Indiana teams, as well as to ALL Indiana teams for another great, competitive year of FIRST!

they all just didnt play well at the competition but showed a lot of gracious professionalism. in another word helping other teams out there in atlanta to get them out on the field asap. Technokats (45), Team Hammond, team Robotiks (107) were the ones who really helped us out… 107 has their pit open for me at any time if i needed to go grab something from there use their lathe and so forth (thanks jim and ron), when i needed a quick idea technokats would give me their stocks to use and would give me a quick great idea to accomplish it (thanks andy), Team Hammond thanks for the pvc that you gave us… :slight_smile:

Past season was great… i am looking forward to have a blast this coming season… This is my last shot as being a student in FIRST (i am a senior)… :slight_smile:

I agree all of the Indiana teams did fairly well…hopefully this can start a new trend of Indiana FIRST teams going to the Finals. :yikes: