Congratulations to all the winners at the Virtual Celebration!

Congratulations to all of the award winners during this year’s Virtual Celebration! I hope to see lots of you back on field safely and responsibly come 2022, but in the meantime, let’s celebrate remotely!

GDC Winners

2021 Woodie Flowers Award
Matt Fagen (4253)

2021 Championship Volunteers of the Year
Peter Johnson (WPILib)
David Greenley

Dean’s List Award
Megan E - 3932
Mim M - 6035
Claudius T - 604
Ignacio F - 7717
Obike A - 931
Arseniy I - 503
Cathleen O- 8603
Tatiana V - 118
Fikir T - 3006
Eric Z - 7461

Championship Chairman’s Award Finalists (Houston)

Championship Chairman’s Award Finalists (Detroit)

Championship Chairman’s Award Winner (Houston)

Championship Chairman’s Award Winner (Detroit)


Love the recognition for behind-the-scenes folks! Teams who have experienced Peter as a CSA helping them fix some issues knows that the experience is much like calling up Microsoft for a problem you’re having with your computer and seeing Bill Gates patiently take the call and work with you to find a solution. Peter’s the real deal - and I don’t even understand half of what goes into maintaining WPILib. Congrats @Peter_Johnson – very well deserved!


Congratulations to Teams 503 and 4613 on being the newest members of the FIRST Hall of Fame. 503 has won a jaw-dropping 12(?!) Regional and District Championship Chairman’s Awards dating all the way back to 2005. 4613 becomes the the third team from outside the United States to win the Championship Chairman’s Award and the second winner from Australia.

On a cool note, among the six finalists and winners, four countries (Australia, Brazil, India, USA) were represented. There was a time less than a decade ago when people often said “An international team can/will never win the (Championship) Chairman’s Award”. It’s nice to know that glass ceiling and perception has not only been shattered, its been completely left behind.


Thanks! We’re so thrilled to enter the FIRST Hall of Fame; looking forward to getting to work.

The “record number of Chairman’s wins” has been something the team has always taken pride in, but I guess I can say it out loud now… I hated* it. I’m happy to not be eligible anymore :slight_smile: .

*Hate is too strong of a word. Kinda like the Buffalo Bills losing four Super Bowls in a row–I’d rather get there than not, but it sure is frustrating not to win the big one.


Its the journey that counts.
Welcome to the HOF! Look forward to your team’s unveiling of the banner and 4613 at the next Championship event in either Houston or Detroit.



On behalf of Team 4613, the Barker Redbacks, thankyou! We are ecstatic to be inducted into the FIRST Hall of Fame. A huge word of praise to our entire team over the past few years, especially to our lead mentors Jeser and Daiane who have worked so tirelessly with and for the team to make this possible, and a special thanks to our awards team for their innovative approach to the Chairman’s team interview this year.

Apologies for the slightly slow recognition on here; Jeser, Daiane and I are on holidays, and it just happens we’ve all been out of mobile reception.

Finally - well done to all award winners, but especially to Team 503, and of course to our personal friend Matt Fagan, it is a delight to see you win Woodie Flower’s and could not be more deserved. We hope we’ll get to see you in person at the Australian regionals in 2022!


Woodie Flowers Award 2021 scripts

"Hello, I’m Allen Gregory, and I am honored to have received the 2019 Woodie Flowers Award. The award is named in recognition of a great man. Dr. Woodie Flowers is the father of competitive robotics. The principles he established in his MIT 2.70 course laid the foundation for all robotics competitions that have followed, especially FIRST. Woodie breathed life into the FIRST Robotics Competition and set the guiding direction of the program. Gracious Professionalism and Co-opertition are just two of the ideals he created that each of us strives to meet.

Dr. William Murphy founded the Woodie Flowers Award in 1996 because he recognized that Woodie Flowers defined what it means to be a mentor. Woodie loved and respected his students. He didn’t just teach his students; he worked alongside them, caring not only about their technical understanding but how each student was developing as a fully rounded human. By expanding the ideas of robotics competitions through FIRST, Woodie made an exponentially more significant impact on the world.

The work of Woodie and his wife Margaret Flowers makes FIRST a special place where our students can find their talents and strengths and be welcomed for being who they are. FIRST is more than the robots and the games; FIRST is about introducing our students to role models, learning the importance of trusting science and knowledge, and recruiting more young people to be part of the solutions in our collective future.

On behalf of all previous Woodie Flowers Award Recipients, I would like to congratulate each of the 2021 Woodie Flowers Finalist Award recipients on receiving this honor and working to carry on Woodie’s legacy.

I’ll now pass it to Lucien Junkin to announce the 2021 Championship Woodie Flowers Award Recipient."

"Thank you Allen. WOW! Woodie was such a wonderful person and an amazing mentor. Woodie’s legacy will live forever in all of us and in future generations.

Hello everyone, I am Lucien Junkin and am honored & humbled to be the 2020 Woodie Flowers Award recipient and especially grateful to be part of such a great family of Dr. Murphy and the twenty-five recipients, including Woodie. Today, we are delighted to invite another family member to help ensure that Woodie’s legacy remains eternal.

The 2021 recipient is a phenomenal mentor who Woodie would have been exceptionally proud to call a FIRST mentor and Dr. Murphy is very excited to recognize as a Woodie Flowers Award recipient. With a degree in physics and another in music composition, this mentor has led his team to a Rookie All Star Award, a decade ago, along with many awards including Gracious Professionalism and Chairman’s. This mentor is the consummate communicator with words, music, and actions. The students describe this mentor as ‘the conductor that breathes life into our orchestra … our orchestra is made of innovators, thinkers, designers, programmers, engineers, and dreamers.’ This mentor also embodies Woodie’s spirit in making a better working environment for young engineers by helping establish and operating the premier center for K-12 STEAM excellence in all of Asia, which was inspired by an MIT STEM Center – yes, MIT, Woodie’s alma mater and the university where Woodie taught for 35 years helping MIT rank #1 in engineering. More impressively than the STEM center is this mentor’s ability to build students that effectively spread robotics throughout their region and the World.

After developing a hands-on class that integrated robotics and music about 15 years ago, this mentor reflected, “The students in this class were hyper-engaged and took ownership of everything they learned and produced. And better still, they were tapping into everything they had learned so far about math, physics, electronics, and music to produce new things. It was, in short, a grand synthesis of everything they had been studying — and they were having fun. So wherever I’ve been since, I’ve tried to sneak electronics and robotics into the curriculum.”

This mentor has certainly done this along with inspiring students to go on to do great things in our World … the World is a much better place with this mentor … someone for everyone to aspire to be like.

Students and mentors, you are doing an INCREDIBLE JOB changing the World … we are so excited that, for the first time, THE Woodie Flowers Award Trophy, this same trophy that Dr. Murphy presented to Woodie 25 years ago, will have a home outside of North America! On behalf of the Woodie Flowers Award family, we would like to CONGRATULATE the 2021 Woodie Flowers Award recipient, MATT FAGEN, Leader of team 4253, Raid Zero and Director of Robotics at the Taipei American School. CONGRATULATIONS Matt!"

Congratulations to Matt!