Congratulations To Chantilly Robotics Team #612

Congratulations to the 2007 FRC VCU Chairman’s award winning team, Chantilly Robotics. What an impressive list of achievements we heard about yesterday. The award appears to be well deserved! Well done guys & gals.

Team #1002, The CircuitRunners, were glad to have competed for the award with inspiring teams such as you and others at The VCU Regional.

Good luck at the Championships in Atlanta.

Dave :slight_smile:

On behalf of the team (who’s probably all asleep still at this time) I’d like to thank you for the generous comments. :slight_smile:

Hope to see you guys at Atlanta!

CONGRATS. You guys truly exemplified gracious professionalism and all the other ideals of FIRST. You guys did AWESOME. It was nice getting to know some of your team and I will definitely be rooting for you guys at the Championships.

This cannot be said enough, 612 deserved this award. You guys are an amazing team, and it was really an honor to be competing against you. 2007 VCU was quite possibly the most difficult regional chairman’s competition in FIRST history, and 612 pulled it out. 384, 612, and 1002 all won RCA last year, and AT LEAST 116, 612, and 1002 (probably 384 as well) received full “currently strong” and no “needs improvement” marks on the feedback sheets. Not to mention the entries by 1033, 1541, and 1885, each have very impressive resumes. 612 emerged beyond all these incredible teams as the best and brightest star at the VCU regional.
612 does a tremendous amount for FIRST, the community, and truly does change the culture. I have had the pleasure of working with them at the National Air & Space Museum twice, and spending a good portion of build season with them, and they are a class-act team.
Congratulations 612

Congrats to team 612. Very deserving award.

So team 612, I hear one of your kiddies are coming to Florida very soon. If I was you, I would wish him good luck. =)

Is that a threat?..think again…who is scared the most?

CONGRATS 612!!! you guys did an awesome job.
and Thanks for all the comments and compliments.


Well we couldn’t do it without role models like 116 and the 1002, I learned a lot from the CircuitRunners at VCU this year!

Team 612 was a very worthy winner at Chesapeake last year and it is wonderful to see that they have won again this year.

Congratulations, 612. You are very inspirational.

Yes, thank you for all the compliments. 612 was very honored in being able to get to know 1002. I know I can’t wait to see you all at Atlanta. We wouldn’t have won chairmans if not for your team, 116 and every other generous FIRST team out there that are such great role models. VCU was a blast!

We recieved one needs improvement for not talking about our business plan. Ironically, we have won the entreprenuership award twice at VCU and forgot to put it in our presentation lol.

But like Sean, I would love to have the chance to work with you.
Good luck moving on. We will be waiting for all of you here in Atlanta.

how far are u guys from atlanta?

did 384 get all currently strong i would assume they did because they are amazing and have won VCU three straight years

We are in Marietta, GA. about 15 minutes north of Atlanta.

I would like to say VCU WAS AWESOME this year. I was honored to share a hotel with 612! You guys are great

congrats team 612!!!

Wasnt there but am sure u deserved it

Contratulations on winning Chairman’s, 612. Saw you guys by webcast - great job. Looking forward to seeing you at Chesapeake in a couple weeks.

-Chip Tucker
Team 1111

They have won Chairmans twice in a row (2005 and 2006). This year they were hoping to score a hatric. Either way, they are still a great team and examplify FIRST in their area.


haha, thanks and Yes :slight_smile:

Congratulations, to all you guys on 612 on half of 384! Those List of accomplishments were outstanding! Didn’t you just love the warm fuzzy feeling inside before AND after you won? :cool:

I’m sure you’ll win it at Nationals! Good luck! :smiley:

thanks a lot everyone

we hope so, we hope so.