Congratulations to EricH, Troop 4673's newest Eagle!

The title says most of it.

Eric passed his Eagle Board of Review in April but we decided to wait until the certificate etc. arrived from the National Office to make any broad announcements. The package came yesterday.

His Eagle Court of Honor is scheduled for August 26th. If anybody is interested in attending, contact me for details. It will be open to the public.

I am very proud of him as he managed to do this while keeping up his grades and helping out with Lego League and Vex in addition to his activities on Team 330.


Note to Scouts: Finish your Personal Management, Personal Fitness, and Family Life merit badges EARLY in your scouting career. You really don’t want to be doing these at the last minute.

Congratulations Eric! As a former Scout myself, I know what kind of hard work it takes to achieve Eagle.

We had a high sucess rate in our troop, but even that was probably only about 2-3 Eagles a year coming out of our troop of abuot 30+ or so.

I only made it to First class, and then had to leave scouting cause I moved out of the town my awesome troop was in, and didn’t want to join another troop, and life got kinda busy then as well. lol


What was your final community service project out of curiosity?
I always used to help out with those when those ranked higher than I were going for Eagle, and we did some really cool stuff.

Congratulations Eric and job well done.
And congratulations to everyone who supported you on this journey.

Welcome to the brotherhood, it is no easy task attaining the rank of Eagle. What did your service project entail?

haha and I agree with what Chris said - get family life out of the way early! Some merit badges have time requirements, I think family life’s is a three month recording of various tasks? Start early, or you’ll be working like crazy to finish before your 18th birthday!

Congrats!!! Becoming an Eagle Scout is never an easy thing. A long journey which most never finish. But those who have made it to Eagle show that they are able and willing to put that time in. But the road doesn’t end right here, keep on leading your troop, and keep earning those merit badges, too. The next step are the Eagle Palms, pretty much to show that you are always willing to put a little bit of extra time in and that you are still active in a troop.

To bad you guys are in California, otherwise, I would come. Plus August is a bad month for me anyways. Backpacking trip.

A note to all those who are in scouting. Get your Personal Management, Personal Fitness, and Family Life out of the way, ASAP. Family life will take at least 90 days, 13 weeks for Personal Management, and 12 weeks for Personal Fitness, also to give people an idea of some of the things that you have to do to become an Eagle Scout.

Congrats again Eric! And remember, go for those Eagle Palms. They will help you.

Seth Cook

Congratulations Eric!

To Eagle is a long journey that takes all the leadership and perseverance you can muster. It not only represents what you’ve obviously gotten from Scouting, but what you’re giving back by being an inspiration and a leader to both scouts and non-scouts in your community.

You’ve also obviously made a dad proud!

Congratulations Eric!

As a fellow Eagle, I know how hard you worked and how many sacrifices were made along the way. Becoming an Eagle is a great honor and something you will be proud of for the rest of your life.

Congratulations again on a great accomplishment

Congratulations Eric. As an Eagle myself I know the work that goes into it. I am sure you know how much it helps on application because people know all of the work that goes into obtaining the rank. Skills I learned in scouting about organization, leadership and working with others has helped me greatly with leading our team.


Congrats Eric!

As an Eagle, I know it isn’t easy. I definitely agree with not waiting until the last minute for Personal Management and Family Life, I did, but it was rough making the timing.

Congratulations, obtaining Eagle while being seriously involved in FIRST is a great accomplishment. The mark of a fine young man.

I have two life scouts on the team that are close to timing out. I’m not going to let that happen.

Any reference to Boy Scouts in this thread refers to the project. I organized the reffing and scoring.

And yes, Family Life is one of the three 3-month badges. (The other two? Personal Fitness and Personal Management.) Whatever you do, don’t do those at the last minute. I barely made it to Eagle by waiting on those–I finished two days before I turned 18.


Thats such a great accompishment! It is an honor that will follow you all through life. My dad and both my brothers are Eagles so I know how much work is involved.


Congrats Eric!

As a Fellow Eagle Scout I Congratulate You On This Huge Acomplishment!
I know How You Feel, I Also Recieved Mine 2 Days Before My 18th B day. Again Congrats!

Congrats Eric! I just had my Court of Honor today- I know how much work this takes. They talk about how suprising it is how many Eagles you find in the military- I’m surprised at how many are in FIRST!

Congrats again!

I have a list somewhere of famous Eagle Scouts. When I find it, I’ll post it. And now looking through some of these posts, I’m thinking about seeing how many Eagle Scouts we have in FIRST, I think it will surprise everybody.

Reading my last post, all I can think is “Man, I’m starting to sound like my Dad.” He’s also our scoutmaster and encourages everybody to get their Eagle Rank. He does a good job at it, too.

I can think of a few off the top of my head: Neil Armstrong, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, Robert Gates, Gerald Ford. There’s got to be more somewhere…

Congratulations Eric!

Eagle is a great accomplishment, I am personally a scout, who did not make Eagle. I know how hard it is to get it, I was really close but i ran out of time.
I am personally spending my summer working at Custaloga Town a local scout camp, and even though i didn’t get Eagle I want to help other do what i didn’t.
Again Congrats, and good luck to any other Scouts that are trying for Eagle.

Congrats, Eric! A large accomplishment, indeed, especially with all of the tasks to balance. Kudos!

FIRST seems to have a plethora of Eagle Scouts! I wonder if it has to do anything with the reckless disregard of free time and how much we enjoy fire… probably. I’m actually currently working on my 3rd palm! Gratz Eric!

Nice work!!

If you’re interested in learning more about famous Eagle Scouts and what it means to be an Eagle Scout, you may want to take a look at the book Legacy of Honor by Alvin Townley. The book includes profiles and experiences of a number of famous Eagle Scouts including former CIA director Robert Gates, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, football coach Chan Gailey, and Apollo 13 Astronaut Captain James Lovell.

I was able to snag my copy for free (at an Eagle Scout Scholarship dinner), but it looks like it can be found on Amazon for under $17. Not too bad for a 300 page hard-cover book.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to crack open my copy yet, but I have heard a number of very good things about the book from people who have.