Congratulations to Faridodin "Fredi" Lajvardi for winning the Woodie Flowers Award

Thanks! It really means a lot coming you Joe. Let make it to Einstein next year!

Congratulations Fredi! For those that are just being introduced, I suggest you search back for some of Fredi’s previous posts about the team. I have been inspired by his students from the very beginning. I remember hearing about them beating college teams in the water challenge they participate in. The story about your student standing in the aisle in a drug store looking for absorbent materials was one of the best I have heard. I repeat it often. When I am asked about teams that overcome challenges, there is only one on the top of my list. Good luck in the future.

In the words of my wife, “Hey! Isn’t that the guy from the CNN story?”

This man has done more to Change The Culture than any other non-denim-wearing-person in the FIRST world, and I was shocked to realize he wasn’t already a WFA. Thank you for all you’ve done and all you’ll continue to do.

I second Al’s post. I was visiting my parents this past weekend and one of my dad’s friends pulled me aside with the line “You still do robotics right?” He saw a post about Fredi’s award and followed up by reading everything he could about him and the team. He said “You need to read about this guy. This stuff is amazing. We need more people like him working with kids. I had no idea how cool this program was.” I think I convinced him to offer support to his alma mater, which just started a team this year. So thanks Fredi.

Thank you so much Al, I am always gleaming wisdom from you!

Thanks Taylor! I love your wife’s comment! “Hey! Isn’t that the guy from the CNN story?” It is nice to be recognized be people, makes me feel like someone is paying attention “out there”.

I love this line, mind if I barrow it from time to time?
“I always tell the kids, when you don’t win the Chairman’s Award that’s not a bad thing. If you think you are deserving, but someone else is better, that mean’s the message of FIRST is really getting out there.”

Congratulations Mr. Lajvardi!
It was a long time coming and well-deserving.