Congratulations to John Larock - Our 2011 WFA

I’d like to congratulation John and his amazing team, MOE, FRC 365. I’ve been clapping my MOE sticks together ever since I heard the news.

Well done.


When I first heard Mr. Larock’s name, I was in awe. I have talked with John for a little while now unknowing of all of these achievements of his. Hearing all of the things he has started within MOE is humbling within itself!

Once again, congratulations Mr. Larock! :slight_smile:

I like the title of this thread. “Our” 2011 WFA. Wow John! Thank you again for every single thing you’ve done- for inspiring me and my family (near and far) … for all you’ve done to provide opportunities for the youth in our area and for all you’ve done to inspire adults and kids to respect and value science, technology, and engineering. I guess a celebration is in the works.

Oh! and thanks to your family for sharing you with the rest of the world.

LuMOEnosity- you know it when you see it!

When I heard the news that John won the award, I was very excited but not surprised at all.
My time on MOE, John was always there to help with everything and anything all the time. I have not had experiences with other teams as a student or mentor so I don’t know how rare this might be but, John has literally a 365 day dedication to the students, the program’s run by the team, MOE and FIRST its self. He has been and I know will always be, an amazing mentor and friend to everyone in FIRST. This award is long over due to recognize the efforts and sacrifices that he and his family have made to make the experiences, education and values of FIRST a major part of every student, mentor and parent that passes through MOE.
Congratulations John and thank you for everything you have done, continue to do and will keep doing for hopefully a very long time.

Congrats to John - WELL DESERVED!

Congrats John! You really are the man and have been a true inspiration to mentors all over the Delaware Valley. Thank you for being a great role model!

These are the kind of folks that people like me look up to and try to emulate.

Congrats John! I am really happy for you! Take care and see you next year.

Is this MOE’s coach, he’s the only mentor from MOE that I’ve met, but if it is he definitely deserves it. He was really great to work with at Championships last year. If not, Congratulations anyway, I know anyone from such a great team like MOE could deserve this!!


Congratulations Mr. Larock. It’s always a pleasure talking to your team and mentors. Keep doing what you do.

Congrats to Mr. Larock, keep up all the awesome work.

You’re thinking of BobbyD, if you’re talking about MOE’s field coach - he’s also an Awesome Mentor.

Go John!

<Insert MOE’s clap sequence> Go John!

Honestly, I assumed John was a WFA recipient, now I know he is. Thanks for everything you have done, I know you have truly inspired me and the teams I have helped with.


PS - Thanks for allowing me to sit with your team during Einstein, it was awesome talking with you.

Again, congratulations. To John’s team, thank you for writing a convincing essay that brought well deserved recognition to a great mentor. I am proud of you all.

Congratulations to John Larock!! He is an inspiring mentor and a great leader. I look up to him and I am ecstatic that he won the WFA!!! GO JOHN!

Congrats John!

Congrats Mr. Larock. Your groundwork you laid down made for a great alliance partner for Curie eliminations for #364 and #1986. Hope to see you again next year!

Congrats John!

I know seeing a Northeast representative win such a prestigious award is an honor for teams in the area itself. Everything you have done for the Delaware Valley and MOE is outstanding.

Your team, colleagues, and region are very proud of you and your efforts to change all of our lives.

Keep making miracles!

Congratulations, John. You are really a good sport in addition to your many outstanding WFA qualities.

I’m sorry I had to treat you in such an undignified manner, but I was honored to share in your moment.

I attached a picture of the “re-enactment.” :o

John Larock sm for cd.jpg

John Larock sm for cd.jpg

I was so happy to hear that John won the WFA. He is an amazing mentor on an amazing team. Being numerically close to 365 has allowed us to be pit neighbors with them a few times and most recently at the Chesapeake Regional this year. I was able to see John and the rest of MOE doing what they do best, inspiring others.

Congratulations John, you continue to be an inspiration to myself and my teammates. We couldn’t be happier for you.