Congratulations to Josh Koci, Eagle Scout

Josh Koci, jkoci here on CD and member of Wildstang, will be receiving his Eagle Scout Award at a Court of Honor this afternoon. Please help in congratulating this newest Eagle Scout!

Way to go Josh. Congrats. Team 237 will have a new eagle in a few weeks.

Congrats. Being an Eagle Scout myself I know all of the hard work you put in to achieve it.


We all know that earning your Eagle Scout award is a lot of work, but doing it while participating in FIRST?

FIRST is the reason why I was unable te become an Eagle Scout…

CONGRATS JOSH!!! Yet another reason you are wicked awesome!

Josh…congrats on the great achievement!! :slight_smile:

Congrats for sure. I have a friend who recently received his Eagle as well, I know how big of a deal it is and how much work goes into it.

Congratulations! Great job! Anybody know what he did for a project?

Eagle Scout here myself… well… several times over i suppose… got mine on Groundhog Day of all days so… yeah… :o


Josh, with the help of several friends and Wildstang teammates, collected nearly 70 used bicycles and repaired and refurbished them. He then met with a local community service rep and together they formulated a plan to distribute the bikes to adults and children in the area. These bikes allowed additional oportunities to these adults as the bikes represented the only mode of transportation that would allow them to travel to neighboring towns for work. A great Court of Honor was topped off by a congratulatory letter from Woodie, also an Eagle Scout.

Fantastic Josh. This is something you will be proud of your entire life.


myself being an eagle scout, I appreciate how hard it is, keep it up man!

Congaratulations from a fellow Eagle!

Oh, and Inferno–One of the mentors on team 330 earned his Eagle while a student on the same team. I see several people on here have apparently done something similar (though not necessarily at the same time…)

Congratulations Josh,

As an Assistant Scoutmaster and the father of an Eagle Scout I know that it has not been an easy road. But then worthwhile things rarely are easy.

Good work and keep it up. The Eagle rank is not the end of sevice but a beginning.

From another fellow Eagle Scout (a long time ago, it seems) congratulations on you fantastic accomplishment!!

Once an Eagle always an Eagle.
You’re quite a standard for the other boys to look up to and see what can be accomplished.

Congratulations, you earned it!

(Sorry, I’m a little late. We were camping out this weekend)

Earning Eagle and participating in FIRST at the same time is tough, I only just managed to do it. Congrats, Josh!
Feel free to copy the Eagle Scout userbar in my sig and use it in yours if you wish.

Congrats Josh! I made Eagle in March of this year, and my ceremony was in June- I still can’t believe, sometimes, that I actually did it. Congrats on all your hard work, and treasure this achievement!

Woodie’s an Eagle? I never knew that.