Congratulations to Team 1114! 2012 Chairman's Award Winners

Before the internet explodes over FMS issues, I wanted to congratulate team 1114 for an achievement that’s even more important than anything that happens on the field. This is a long overdue honor. Team 1114 has done a simply incredible amount of work to grow FIRST in Canada, and is arguably the reason that an all-Canadian Einstein alliance was able to exist. The resources they make available to all teams have driven up the quality of FIRST, and their incredible machines and program are an inspiration to us all.

Congratulations, and thank you for everything you do for all of us!

Congratulations 1114 you are an incredible team and have had such an impact on the FIRST community.

Thank you!

Congrats Simbots! You deserve this award so much.


Agreed. Long overdue, despite that it should have come with a much closer shot at a sweep.

Awesome job, Simbots!

I couldn’t believe that 1114 hadn’t won the CCA before *!

As someone who has used and seen a lot of the resources you have put online, I am grateful for all that you do in this community. One day we hope to replicate what you have helped achieve in Canada over here in the UK.

Congratulations on the well-deserved award!*

Congratulations Team 1114! You deserve it!

Congrats 1114! You’ve made it this far, and you have a long road in front of you!

1114 is a very deserving Hall of Fame Team, and its about time that we had a Canadian team in there! Congrats!

1114, proving America’s hat can be pretty cool.

From myself, and everyone else at 1503 - We always knew this day would come. Congratulations - We’ve been so lucky to have been able to see first hand the awesomeness that you offer the world of FIRST.

Congratulations Simbotics!!!

1114’s CCA is well deserved and I am really glad they finally won.

I don’t think FIRST would function at half the competitive level it is today without 1114’s “kitbot on steriods program”, their scouting database and their “simphone” app which help so many teams across the country every year.

Congratulations again Simbotics, and thank you for representing what it means to be the best of the best on and off the field.


Congrats to Simbotics! The first four digit team to enter the FIRST hall of fame!

It is a honor to welcome 1114 to the list of respectable Hall of Fame teams. I look forward to seeing any future contributions you can bring to FIRST.

CONGRATS SIMBOTS! you deserve it!! you’re such an inspiration to FIRST.

'bout time!

Nicely done, 1114!

Very deserving team. All your work for FIRST in Canada and FIRST In general is truly amazing.

We could see this coming six years ago, when my team visited the Waterloo Regional. 1114 is the real deal. As others have said, this recognition is long overdue.

I think we will be seeing Einstein alliances that fly the big red maple leaf again, and soon, and 1114 is the inspiration for that.

Oh, Canada … :slight_smile:

Congrats 1114! Such an exemplary team, both on and off the field.

1629 GaCo would like to wish 1114 congratulations on the 2012 Chairman’s Award. Your team is a true inspiration to the FIRST community. You are wonderful competitors on and off of the field! Keep up the wonderful work!

You have to love the irony of all the American politicians getting up and saying how awesome it is that we are all there celebrating the things that make America great. :o

Yet, the Canadians do it better than we can! Congratulations, you make all of FIRST better. :slight_smile: