Congratulations to the 2015 Championship Chairman's Award Winners

… is what I thought I would have heard during the Einstein rounds. Why did FIRST delay the announcement this year and not tell anyone? I’m not alone in thinking it’s best to announce this during the Einstein rounds, right?

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Most of the TBA viewers are pretty appalled too. The most prestigious award is being completely ignored.

But hey, Recycle Rush is more important, right?

On the awards section for Einstein on the FIRST website, CCA isnt even listed as an award…

Two things are wrong with this statement:

  1. It did not end until 7:00 PM
  2. They did not present FIRST’s most prestigious award

Many teams decided to skip the concert and instead start their long bus rides home, and now they have to miss the Hall of Fame presentation. I feel bad for all of the teams that had dinner reservations, to…

If your watching from home, watch the stream and the chat for some commentary and opinions. I agree, this is disapointing on many levels.

Einstein started over 1:30+ later than expected.

Is there a feed for the closing ceremonies anywhere?

It was really that long? I gave up and had to go after 30 minutes of delays…

Can someone please fill me in on what’s going on (or went on) with Chairman’s at the Championship 2015. Many of us are confused. Is it later, did we miss it? Is it not happening?

I’d bet a lot of teams are leaving right now with it running so late. What a disgrace.

No one knows, it hasn’t been announced yet.

Yes I believe at 4:18 it started.

I’m hoping it’s the same one as the Einstein feed.

FIRST is announcing the FLL Champions Award, FRC Inspire Award, and FRC Chairman’s Award at the Finale.

That is so stupid.

i dont think anyone knows…

Nice team name by the way :wink:

I don’t believe you missed it. I assume it is still happening, but I have been wrong before.

I assume it will be like 2011, where it was announced at the concert.

It’s a full on concert and dance party over here. No mention of any awards AFAIK.

FIRST got a lot wrong with this Championship, but I don’t think forgetting to announce their 3 most prestigious awards was one of those things.

Will it be streamed?

Or not steaming the closing ceremonies so everyone could see who wins