Congratulations to the final 6 Safety Animations!

Congratulations to teams 303, 342, 1280, 1716, 1746 and 2783.

You guys are the top 6 of the safety animation!


wOoT to local team 303 :smiley:

Also congrats to the rookie team 2783.

If you want to get a jump on kickoff, you can see several of the top safety animations listed here:

They are really good this year. Congratulations to the top teams, and everyone else who managed to get one in on time.

Congratulations to all the teams! The ones that we could find on youtube were all very impressive. We especially wanted to say to team 2783 - way to go! That extremely exciting that as a rookie team you made that amazing animation. Way to get a jump start on your first season! Good luck to all 6 of the teams!

Congrats! Nice to see so many teams entering the safety competition.

Congrats to all teams who entered a video. I made a short list of videos
1746 -

2783 -

303 -

1280 - ?

342 - ?

1716 - ?

Others that were posted on CD:
1816 -

846 -

Just to add to your list of those in the top 6.

342 -

Congratulations guys!
I really LOVE the concept of yours 342!!!
Good luck in the competition everyone!

everyone just keeps getting better and better, congrats you guys. This will be an awesome year.

aww, darn i will see if we can post our video,
(team 1716) it is really great, and congrats to all other teams

Team 1716 wants congratulate Team 342 on winning the safety video for the 2009 season. We wanted to wait until the winner was announced before posting ours. So after hearing from many other teams… here it is…

Thanks Ted. It was quite exciting when they announced we won.

Your team’s animation looks AWESOME. But it’s a minute long. Didn’t you know the maximum was 30 seconds - the same as the Visualization Design Contest?

Congrats to team 342! Great animation!