Congratulations to the new FVC Champs!

Much congratulations to FVC Teams 1148 (The RoboWranglers), 268 (Simbotics), and 46 (Singapore Smarts) on winning the 2006 FVC Championship event! FVC 18 welcomes you to this highly exclusive club! 1148 is associated with FRC Team 1148, and 268 with FRC 1114. 3 countries, one alliance, truly world champions. Many congratulations, and look forward to playing some more exciting matches with you in the future!

What a quick post!

You didn’t even wait for the official score to go up!

Yeah I did, maybe I have a faster connection :wink:

That seems likely. :rolleyes:

Congratulations to the VEX champions. Expected no less from 268 (simbotics) :stuck_out_tongue: Here in Canada we had a mini-vex competition and simbotics put on one of the most dominant showing in any FVC/FRC competition (though it wasn’t an official competition)… I believe they played 10 matches qualification and eliminations. Not only did they go undefeated, they had the 10 highest scores of the day :ahh:

A big thank you to all the Vex teams for being so gracious in Atlanta. And a HUGE thank you to all the volunteers who pulled together to help us create an awesome event! Over fifty volunteers - emcee, announcers, judges, referees, queuers, pit admin, crystal keepers, communicators, team escorts, field resetters, practice field monitors, etc. - kept the event running smoothly. We could not have done it without your help - and for most of you this was the first time volunteering at a Vex event. In fact, one of our volunteers just found out about the entire FIRST program two weeks ago and had so much fun on Thursday that he came back on Friday to help us again!

Congrats to all the teams who participated in the FVC pilot season! Even though your robots are smaller, the FVC matches were just as exciting and intense as your FRC big brothers. I had a great time watching you guys compete and was once again amazed by what you were able to pull off with those machines! I hope to see you all competing again in FVC in the future.

Congratulations to our partners in Singapore!! You guys did an awesome job!

This is a team to watch.

They also won:

2005 Championship VEX Challenge Award
2006 Delaware Regional Think Award
2006 Delaware Regional Finalist

We are so proud of you and can’t wait to visit you in August!! :slight_smile: