Congratulations to Wildstang, Team #111 !

Your team involvement over the past year was a very impressive list of community activities as described by John Abele last night. Seeing your entire team down on the floor partying until you got chased out of the dome sure looked like fun!


Congratulations with winning the 2006 Chairman’s Award!

Your team do so much for the FIRST community and you guys still have time to build some amazing robots!
U R very :cool:

Rock on!
I’ve been waiting for you guys to win :slight_smile:

Team Wildstang,

Few things make me happier than when great things happen to great people. I can’t think of a team that I admire or respect more! Thanks, Wildstang, for making your community and FIRST a better place to live. Congratulations on a job well done from all of us here at Martian Central.


Congratulations to the Wildstang crew… present and past!
All of you have over the years helped the FIRST community and outside community. It’s wonderful what you all do and keep up the good work.
Congratulations again!

Like Mr. Tenbrink said all of the Martians are very glad you guys took home the hardware. It was execellent to see the embodyment of FIRST win the Chairmens award. You guys deserved it, BIG TIME.

Congratulations to a great FIRST team!

Awesome work for many years and a well deserved honor !!

Congradulations. Yall are an awesome team and completely deserved it!

Congratulations to all the WildStang’ers past and present, who built the role model team you are today. We deeply admire you all.

Keep up the excellent work!

CONGRATS TO Team 111. You guys totally deserved it. You guys are the role models for all the FIRST Teams. Great Job!!

When I woke up today, that was the first thing my dad told me.

When I heard it, I was amazed (as well as half-asleep). It’s great to hear that, after many years of being a benefit to the community as well as the high school(s), Wildstang (as well as any robotics team in the FIRST program) gets a reward deserving of it’s work, spirit, and determination.

While I couldn’t celebrate with you guys in Atlanta, I sure as hell am happy to hear that you guys won the award. Congrats WS.

You heard of N.E.R.D.S. and M.A.V.E.R.I.C.K.S. and even F.A.R.M.E.R.S. but I would like to welcome team 111 Wildstang to the most exclusive club around:
(Leading Engineering Driving Greatness Everywhere Needed Done Supreamely!)
The one club everyone wants to be a part of and can be a part of no matter who you are or where you come from!
Welcome to the club! :wink:

Congrats from all of us at 1620 :slight_smile:

As the presenter said- WS has always been there and is always showing the highest standards of performance and conduct any FIRST team can aspire to. I am very proud to have them as our representative this year and look forward to their even greater accomplishments in the future. If any team deserves the honor it is the guys in tie dye.

Team 25 sends our highest compliments

WC :cool:

Congratulations from all of us on team 365!! You guys are an amazing team – very well deserved.

Great award for a great team.

Congratulations from New England and team 176.

Namaste, 111
more over here …

Team 47, would like to offer our congrats also.
Team 111 - you deserve this award so very much.
Wild Stang - we think we love you!

Congrats to #111.
This is a true inspiration to others to strive for greatness both on and off the field. Your team exemplifies the meaning of the CA and those of us in the wings will rise to the challenge to make FIRST a long lasting exprience for the community.

Congrats from team #1002

Not bad…for a bunch of offense lovin midwesterners :wink:

Congrats Stang on Chairmans, well deserved! Good to see that yet another year, the chairmans judges get it right.