Congratulations Woodie!

This past year Dr. Woodie Flowers received an Honoris causa (Honorary Degree) from Chilean university Universidad Nacional Andres Bello.

Video below:

Btw, if someone could translate that video, that would be cool!

Congratulations Woodie! :slight_smile:

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heep heep


Congratulations Dr. Flowers!

It would be great if someone could translate that video and put in subtitles.

Know anyone who speaks spanish?

Well that explains why this year that university sponsored the first Chilean FIRST team.

I have to study for my stats exam right now, but someone remind me and I’ll translate before I go to bed tonight

Congrats to Woodie!

Congrats Woodie!

Translating videos: Just one more cool service you offer the FIRST community eh Beth? :cool:

That would be cool of you to do whenever you get a chance. :slight_smile:

woodie is my hero

Congratulations Woodie!