Posted by Matt Reiland at 04/08/2001 3:52 PM EST

Engineer on team #226 from Troy, Troy Athens and General Motors CRW.

Fantastic showing this year to everyone!

I am very impressed by all of the teams help this year and the willingness to answer tech questions for the teams that didn’t have all to bell n whistles.

Notable slick robots were of course CD6, the green miracle workers with the bars on the sides, Hot bot, Technocats cool gyro balancers, Wildstang and the Beast and soo many more. Its a great feeling to see that much engineering in one place.

I do however have a question: Can anyone give me any info on the spur gears that mate up to the Drill and FP motors. I saw a few wonderful designs packaged perfectly with the gears and want our team to try it next year

Any help would be appreciated