Connect led to roborio

hello everyone!
how can i to connect LED to the roboRio without blinker?
thanks in advance

Would need to know what LEDs you have to say for sure, but check out existing WPILib support for addressable LEDs for a good place to start.

Assuming you are using one of the many WS2812 strands. You hook them up to a PWM port for control, but power them off a separate supply — not the rio and not the same as your radio.

You can also find some good discussion about how to wire up an addressable LED strip here:

Are you wanting to connect addressable LED strips or individual LEDs?

The addressable LEDs are nice and already answered here. If you have plain LEDs, you add the possibility of using the roboRIO digital or relay outputs to control them. Except for the smallest amount of LED the roboRIO goes to the control side of a relay and connect the LEDs and their power source to the load side of a relay.

On the off-chance you’re asking about a large orange LED…

If it’s the RSL, plug it into the RSL port on the RoboRIO per the Manual’s directions. As long as it’s blinking when the robot is enabled, it’s done right.

For LED strips, see previous responses.

If you just want to connect a plain old LED, you have to look at the specs to see how much current the LED you have draws, and the voltage drop when it is on. You have to have some kind of output that is at least at that voltage and rated for the required current. Then you have to use Ohm’s Law to figure out the proper value for a resistor to put in series with the LED.

As you can see, the answer depends very much on the specifics of what you are trying to do – a more specific and detailed question would be helpful.

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