connect three computers without hub

I connect two computers without any hub .that’s easy. but I wanna know is there is any way to connect three computers without any use of hub. Please tell me if there is any way to connect. I’m waiting. :smiley:

you can connect three computers with a hub. You need to have two lan cards on computer. You connect two comptuers to one. Why dont you just buy a hub, switch. They are cheap nowdays. check out

There’s always Adhoc networking - but thats only assuming that you have wireless cards in the computers.

At one of the competitions last year we had an Adhoc network between 5 different laptops belonging to different team members. Our programming team was bored at the time…

Are you just planning on sharing files between them? If so, just get a switch and do it that way…if you have more money you can get Linksys Wireless Cards and setup your own Adhoc network (all computers communicate directly to each other instead of having one pc talk to a router/switch, which talks to the other pc, and so forth).

As was said earlier- the only reasonable way to do it with out a hub or wireless cards (which I’m going to assume you don’t have) is to have one computer with 2 NIC’s. The other two computers

Exactly what software you would need to run this kind of system is a bit of an unknown to me. Windows might be able to figure it out, it might not. You may need to look around the net for something to make this work.

Since you’ll probably have to buy a 20 dollar NIC to make this work, why not just buy a 10 dollar hub?

-Andy A.

You can use a DCC (Direct Client Connection) via Serial or Parallel ports if you have the right cables to do it with. You can also network with both Bluetooth and Infrared which are common on laptops. I know there’s a special USB cable to use it for DCC, but I think it might be possible to use a regular USB hub to create a network (not positive on that, though). Also, it shouldn’t be hard to find a super-cheap network card… I’m pretty sure they reproduce in my closet :confused:

I would say a hub would be the easiest way, especially if you want to expand later. As cheap as some 10/100 stuff is now, you can get a hub for as cheap as you an get a nic. But assuming someone digs a nic out of thier closet for you, just pop it into one of the machines, and if that machine is an XP machine, just go into network connections, select the two connections, right click, and hit bridge.

That should connect them, but it is a microsoft product, so who knows if it will work right or not… :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks man! :smiley: and from now I share internet connection too. thanks again bye bye.

Should buy a hub from me for $10. I havn’t used it ever since I got a router, which is about summer of 2001.

you want a hub? a 16 port, 24 port, 16 port with fiber backbone? Il give you one