Connected to Radio, Not Roborio

Hey CD,

I am able to deploy my code to the robot, but can only connect to the robot radio, and not the roborio. On my drive station, communications and robot code is red, however I can ping it through cmd. Other programmers’ computers are able to connect to the driver station. What can I do to fix this?


On the radio, is the Ethernet cord for the roborio plugged into the port closest to the power plug? If not, try it there.

I tried that, but I encountered the same issue as before.

Also, here is a screenshot of the drive station:

Make sure the Windows firewall is turned off.

Turn off all firewalls and anti-virus.
Disable all NICs except for the one you are using for the robot (you can add them back in after you get it running).

Try giving the roborio a fixed IP address of 10.TE.AM.2

In your case, that would be

I was experiencing the same problem today.

We could deploy code, ping the RIO, go to the roboRIO web interface, and view the Axis camera connected to the 2nd ethernet port.

But the driver station would not connect.

Firewall was disabled, all other networks except for the Wireless were disabled.

The fix we found was to reset the roboRIO itself, and then the driver station would connect. Not the best solution, but it worked.

We actually just ended up switching back to the old radios for practice. The new ones are just too unstable for use, especially when you need consistent connections. Hopefully FIRST gets this worked out by competition, otherwise there are going to be major issues with field connectivity the first few weeks

Can you elaborate on that?

Other than the long boot times (~1 minute) for the new radio, after it gets configured we haven’t noticed any trouble connecting to the radio. The problem I’ve been noticing has been between the radio and the roboRIO. (But really it’s just the driver station, because we can always ping things).

That’s just my experience with it so far; would like to hear other’s experiences with the radio.

Edit: That said, I’m sure the long boot times will make turnaround time between matches fun…

We were having the same problem even after we disabled our firewall. We ended setting an exception for driverstation.exe in our firewall and it worked perfectly.

Also, try disabling all of your network adapters except for the wireless adapter to make sure the Driver Station is using the wireless network adapter.

Did you try hitting the Reset button on the RoboRio after the Radio has booted up?

Can I see your Driver Station settings panel?

The actual root cause of the DS not connecting to the roboRIO is the mDNS resolution on the new radio not working right. It’s still possible to ping, but the mDNS address won’t resolve, which causes the DS to not connect. Switching to the old radio makes all those problems go away, and DS to RoboRIO connections become much more reliable. For practice, its just not worth dealing with the issues with the new radio. Hopefully competition doesn’t have those issues.

Besides the long boot time, our team has had no issues with the new radio.

We are also having this issue. +1

This may be redundant, but:

Did you statically set the IP address of your RoboRIO to
Did you upgrade the firmware and image on the RoboRIO (two upgrades)?
Can you ping roborio-TEAM#-frc.local from your DS?

We’ll be doing a lot of testing today, but I can say our team has experienced this issue several times this weekend.

We set the static IP on Saturday, and it did help.
I am not sure if we upgraded firmware on roborio, I will need to check that. I know we imaged the roborio, but not sure about both steps. Thanks, will need to verify.

Could someone experiencing this problem try flushing their mDNS cache?

Instructions here:

Let us know if this helps, I saw this problem last year and it had me flummoxed. Had to turn it off and on again.

You also need to make sure your Ethernet cable is plugged into the farthest point to the right from the power supply, the one marked 802.3af POE