Connecticut Robotics Alliance

Team 1124 is in the process of creating a Connecticut Robotics Alliance, made up of all the FIRST Robotics teams in Connecticut. We want to use this as a way to collectively get media attention about robotics in our state, which also will help all of us with Dean’s homework for 2008. In addition to getting major media coverage of the Connecticut Regional, and spotlights in the news on Connecticut teams, we are hoping to get the state of Connecticut to make a “Connecticut Celebrates Robotics Day” (or something along those lines, with a different name). We are planning to make a website for the Connecticut Robotics Alliance, with links to the websites of all the participating teams (with permission), and statistics like the number of students involved, the number of mentors involved, the collective number of years of experience, all the sponsors across the state, etc., so that we can show how widespread and how important FIRST Robotics is, and why it deserves the attention and respect we want it to gain in our state. We are going to send information to teams within the next week, but in the meantime, does anyone have any comments or suggestions for us? Connecticut, do you think we can do it?

Is this web site going to be like chiefdelphi, minus the forums, and only about CT teams? Also i like the idea a lot and hope it works out. another question, for the sponsor list would it be every sponsor or only the major sponsors, because we have over 40 small sponsors some years?

I’m not sure exactly what we’re planning to do for the website, but it will be focused around Connecticut teams. We also want to spread FIRST’s message and their vision, and will introduce the program.

Thanks! We hope it will, too.

I realize that many teams have large numbers of sponsors, but we’d like to know all of them, if possible. Even the sponsors that contribute under $100 or some of their time help teams to gather all the resources they need to achieve their goals, and we want to recognize that. Additionally, we want everyone to see how many businesses and organizations, whether a part of the local or national community, are a part of making FIRST what it is.


This sounds like a great idea, though I have just one thought to share; there’s already the Connecticut FIRST organization. (website at Since many of the aims of these two organizations overlap, perhaps in the long run it would be better to channel all these efforts into a single, stronger organization for Connecticut. :wink:

I would suggest contacting Kathie Kentfield or Mike Betts, to see if there’s any way that your team would be able to work with Connecticut FIRST to bring your ideas to fruition, as they are already working towards several of your stated goals.

Wow, I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of the Connecticut FIRST Organization… oops. It’s great to hear that other people are on the same page as we are, though. We will definitely contact them to see if we can get involved. Thank you!

CT FIRST has been in existance for over a year now; it was a result of the CT Steering Committee meeting in May 2006. The Steering Committee is comprised of the Regional Director (vacant position in CT at the moment), the Chair of the FRC Regional Planning Committee, the FTC Affiliate Partner, the FLL Partner, other designated people, VISTA volunteer(s) and the FIRST Senior Mentor for Connecticut.

The CT FIRST website,, was announced to all CT teams last year and many use it regularly. We list contacts for all four FIRST programs, map all the FIRST teams in CT, have an extensive listing of robotics events in New England, and post team fundraisers. We also have a parts swap section that teams can make use of.

The FRC Connecticut regional tournament’s website can be found at and the FTC Connecticut championship tournament’s website is at

Please let me know what other features you would like us to have on the site and we will try and accomodate you!