Connecting ADIS16448 to RoboRio

Is there a way to connect the ADIS16448 to the Arduino? I think we have the KOP one, so the breakout is the 28(I think) pin connector for the roborio.

Have you seen this github page? It seems to have some arduino hookup and coding instructions.

I’ve not tried to do it myself, so I am not sure I can advise much on the specifics.

Thank You! The other issue i’m having is not knowing how to wire it up, since the pins are all over the place.

The topic title says “RoboRio”, but your text talks about Arduino. Are you looking to hook the device up to the RoboRio or an Arduino? For the RoboRIO, you can simply plug it into the MXP port. If you are indeed trying to use it with an Arduino, information on the MXP pinout is available on Page 8 of the RoboRIO User Manual. The software stack for the ADIS16448 can be used to determine which IO are actually needed to operate the device.

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