Connecting an android device to the roborio for vision

We’ve been looking into vision processing with android and can’t seem to find a way to send info from and to the roborio. Seeing as other groups have done this before we were wondering how this was managed in the past.

Android debug bridge seems to be the popular choice. Never tried it myself, but here’s a link to someone else’s code:

What android device? You potentially have a bunch of choices: Ethernet, CAN, I2C, SPI, USB.

Genuine curiosity more than anything, what android devices support CAN?

You can get an add-on for the Raspberry PI that does. (See, e.g., )

And, there’s a variant of Android that runs on the Beaglebone – the Beaglebone Black has a cape that does CAN, and there’s actually a CAN connector on the Beaglebone Blue.

It’s a bit of a stretch, but the Bluetooth OMB II adapters connect your Android phone to your car’s CAN bus via the OMB II diagnostic port. Probably not a useful fact for FRC, but…

We used the ADB to send text files over a usb connection from the phone to the Rio. it was pretty fast, and seemed like the most effective way.

Could you share the code you used for it?

Our code need to be under heavy review and cleaning, so I dont thhink I can help, however take a look at Spectrum(3847)'s RioDroid Library, and 254’s code from 2016. We based our vision off of their code.

254 plans to release our 2017 code (including the updated Android vision app) soon.