Connecting Axis Camera

We have our camera directly connected into the cRIO in port 2. When we ping it we get the error “ host net unreachable” when we directly plug it into the computer we get “host unreachable” how do we connect the camera?

How are you pinging your camera? If you give me a process I’ll try it and see what I get…

The camera, when plugged into the cRIO, is on a different network than your computer.

To simplify:
Your computer is on the 10.12.45.* network.
The camera is on the 192.168.0.* network.

The cRIO’s two ports are not routed or switched (as far as I know). You cannot ping -through- the two ports. When you connect the Camera to the computer, try changing the IP of your computer to… (or some other number in that net range) and pinging the camera at

Remember, camera uses a crossover cable with the cRIO. All other situations it is not needed.

I think I explained that right…

We connected to it directly through the computer but we can’t figure out how to use it through the cRIO, it doesn’t give us a blinking orange light on the ethernet port. we use port 2, the gaming adapter is in port 1.

We pinged the camera when it was plugged into the cRIO by attaching the computer to the console serial port on the cRIO and then typing the following command:

ping “”

Where is the IP address of the camera.

Remember to put quotes around the IP address. Otherwise, the cRIO will think that it’s a floating point parameter and tell you that it can’t accept the command.

I had this problem

  1. Make sure the cRio is flashed with mandatory update 2.
  2. Make sure you are using the orange cable. We were stumped for days because we were using some old crossover cable we had lying around. When we switched to the orange cable, things started working.

My team is having the same problem discussed here. We have everything working except for the 2nd port on the cRIO. When we try to ping it we get no response from the port. In the manual it said that the port was disabled in shipping the cRIO and that apparently we had to activate the port. Any clues on how to do that?

You will not be able to ping the camera when it is connected to the cRIO and you are pinging from your PC. The reason is that those are isolated subnets.

The imaging tool that installs the updates will also enable the enet port and set its IP to be compatible with the camera. To test the camera, I’d use an example in the programming tool you are using.

Greg McKaskle

Any luck? I just got ours working Friday night. The big kicker was setting the static address on the camera itself, and adding the FRC/FRC username and password into the camera. After that, labview was able to see the camera. I beleive that the only way to view it is through labview due to the isolated subnets mentioned above. Maybe we can meet up if you can’t get it going…

John 2240