Connecting clyinders tip to tail

We are thinking that we want to connect two pneumatic cylinders, tip to tail. Can anyone direct us to the correctly sized fasteners to connect two 2 inch bore cylinders together in this fashion? Thanks!

Is there *such a thing *as a connector we can buy (we don’t have machining resources), to connect the tip of one 2" cylinder to the tail of another 2" cylinder?

The thread size on those is 1 1/4-12, and mcmaster has coupling nuts for them.

90565A355 should do it for you.

Is the 1 1/4-12 the thread size of the tail of the cylinder? What is the thread size of the tip of the cylinder?

Linking the tail end will result in a stronger connection, two large cylinders like that connected end to end creates a rather long beam.

Okay! Thank you very much. The thread size was exactly what I was looking for! (without actually knowing it beforehand):slight_smile:

An easy way is like we did back in 2008, notice the main arm cylinder is actually 2 cylinders end to end, we cut a couple plates out of 1/8" aluminum, drilled, and bolted them together making one solid cylinder piece with extensions out of both ends. This makes it VERY solid, preventing any movement at the joint. We are doing something similar with this year’s arm.

How well did that work? That is just too simple. That solves one of my problems with positioning.

It worked well enough that we are using it again . . .

Just make sure the cylinders are butted (relatively) tightly together so they don’t kick side to side at all.

(the main reason we did that in 2008 is that we couldn’t use pistons that weren’t on the approved “list”. This allowed us to get the throw we wanted without going to a HUGE bore.)