Connecting DS at home with FMS programmed radio

Helpless coach here trying to get the robot up and running for a demo tomorrow and none of our programmers are available to help me. We’ve not re-programmed our radio since our last competition (so it’s still looking for FMS I guess) and I’m not sure if I can connect to our DS laptop wireless or if the radio needs to be reprogrammed. So far I’m not having any luck connecting to the robot.

Your radio needs reprogrammed. There is a provided tool to do this.

Check out this tutorial:

I was afraid of that. Thanks.

No, it’s looking for a wireless access point with your team number as the name (SSID) and with a specific WPA key as the password. Since you have no way of knowing what that password is right now, you will have to reprogram it for “home use” as an access point.

What’s to be afraid of? Just plug it in to a computer with the FRC Radio Configuration Utility installed and run it, using the Programming your radio for home use instructions.

Remember to run the radio tool as an administrator. Otherwise it may be unable to set your computer network adapter’s IP address and the reprogram will fail with a very unhelpful error message.

Works now - thanks everyone for the quick responses :slight_smile: