Connecting Hex Shaft

My team is using 57 Sport gearboxes and Andymark Redline motors for our intake mechanism. How do we go about connecting a longer hex shaft to the output shaft of the gearbox? Both are half inch hex. I know there are hex couplings, but is there a better solution?

A challenger appears!

Or belts, or chain. :slight_smile:


It all depends on the overall mechanism design. I often(but not always) find that trying to direct drive a shaft for a mechanism introduces unwelcome complications - like you now have a motor/gearbox sticking out the side of your robot where you don’t want it. Instead, mounting it elsewhere and running a belt/chain is often a better design choice.


We build the pulley out of steel so we can weld a six-point socket wrench (or deep socket) to it.

Or some of this and shaft collars: