Connecting java cameraserver on raspberry PI to Labview Dashboard

Will the Labview dashboard detect and display camera images from a java camera server running on Raspberry PI? Cameraserver is from wpilib…cscore mjpeg server.

I just want to know if this is possible before spending much time on it. Initially it does not seem to work while streams do connect to a web browser.

If you use Shuffleboard, you can post the URL of your Pi’s stream to NetworkTables (e.g. value /CameraPublisher/RPi/streams = “http://raspberrypi.local/stream”]) to view it. Look here for more info.

Thanks… shuffleboard or Smart Dashboard are a contingency solution if labview dashboard doesn’t work.

We want to use labview dashboard because our robot is programmed in labview and we have some data that we share with the robot that is is relatively complex clusters(data structures) that we update by sending a file via ftp to the robot and then the robot labview code uses the same structure (defined type) to open the file and read the data. This makes the data xfer simple.

We’re trying to implement java and vision on the raspberry pi to save clock cycles on the robot. Hence, we’d like to interface the labview dashboard to the PI camera server.

I just need to know if the labview and java camera servers are compatibile?