Connecting Lifecam HD3000 to roboRIO


Our team was trying to connect the Microsoft Lifecam HD3000 USB webcam to our roboRIO, so that we could use it for vision. However, no image automatically shows up on the driver station when it is plugged in. Is there a setup tool similar to the old one for Axis cameras, or what do we need to do to see what the camera does?

Did you change the dropdown to say USB Camera? (Item 2)

It depends on a couple of things:

  1. The language you are programming in. The default LabVIEW project already incorporates a USB camera forwarding to the Dashboard, but Java/C++ will need code to forward the video images - there are examples.

  2. Depending on which USB port the camera is plugged into, it may need to be plugged in before the roboRIO user code starts. You can just hit the roboRIO Reset button to accomplish this.

  3. The Dashboard needs to have the Camera SW or HW selected.