Connecting pixy 2 thru UART


Not really, we are looking other ways like using grip.


Yeah our team is looking at using the Pixy 2 just for the ball and GRIP for the Hatch Panel and Reflective Tape based on how the Pixy 2 is functioning. Time is cutting close for this option so I start right away!


Nevermind, our head mentor wants the programming to use the pixy 2. We want the pixy for the relfective tapes on the rockects so the robot can line up itselft to the rocket straight and at a certain distance. So, staying with pixy 2, need help:rofl: Do you think it would be better to use it with an arduino? I can also publish thecode in github so you can see it.


I download the code from team 4546 that you send to me. It would use it exactly the same to see if it works.


Do I have to use the slave port? or it can work without it?


You can work without it.


Do I have to save an object with the pixymon before using it?


You can use Pixymon with the RoboRIO powered off (you can still have it connected to the SPI and use the USB at the same time) to save the object once and it should stay on there for the whole of competition unless tampered with accidentally. I suggest you recapture the signature for each event that way you can adjust for the different lighting.