Connecting Power Distribution block to cRio

edit: We got the connection right now.

What connector do you use for the HUB? Like do I cut the power cord/Adapter that comes with it or is there a connector in the kit?

The instructions for this are clearly stated in the control system manual, but for now I’ll say some things so you don’t accidentally do something that might be hard to undo:

1.) NO SOLDERING required.
2.) You’ll make your own wires, using 20 AWG wire.
3.) There are special connectors called WAGO connectors, and you put the wires into the WAGO connector, then plug the connector into the ports. Details of all of this are found in the manual…though the usfirst website seems to be down right now so I can’t link it exactly. --> Already Involved --> FRC --> (left side menu) Documents and Updates --> 2009 Control System Manual

Check the polarity of your wiring, twice before applying power.