Connecting Rendered Scenes

So far our team has three completed scenes each a few seconds long. Our problem is stringing them together to put finished on the disk! We’ve been searching and there doesn’t seem to be any info for this on Delphi, maybe the solution is really obvious but could some one clue us in?
~roxannne and alia~

we use software that the engineers gave us to do it. i don’t know what it is called but there is a program so you should try and find it.

sorry i can’t be of more help


Oh hey, the Best way of doing it is to use a piece of software called adobe premiere. It’s great for post work. You just import the video into it and export it as one big file.

However, it is an expensive program and we’re just lucky because our school has copies laying around.

However, there is a way to do it with 3ds max. If you use the video posting. Its found up in render, video post.

The way this works, is you use the two buttons I’ve hightlighted. The first of those buttons is the import video button. The second is the export button. The trick to all this is lining the video up correclty. You can see in this image that i have two imports and one export. The first import takes up the first few seconds, while the second takes the rest. The red and blue lines to the right of the names are the time frames that the video file occupies. You have to line up the video there to get it to work right. Then simply create an export file and have your video exported right out. And that should get ya to the point of being able to submit! Any other questions, feel free to IM me at aim s/n: Specialagentjim

Thank you for the help! It’s good to know there are people out there who actually know what they’re doing. Good luck at competition!
~roxanne and alia~

Heh, no problem!.. i dont think there’s enough luck in the world to save our animation now… It was really great in my head…but now its sorta falling apart… :-\

Well, Good luck with yours! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

btw…wondering how I replied so quick? Im sitting watching the renders…

Theres a program called Fade to Black, I cant seem to remeber if it can do that or not

I know everything is pretty much over with, but I used Flash to put everything together for my team’s animation. It’s not too hard to use and costs nothing to try. You can get the full flash trial demo from
you can export in .avi files.
hope this helps for next year

i suggest u buy a video editor like pinnacle or if u have tha $$ u should buy premier thats what we used , too bad windows movie maker only exports wmv so u can’t use it , (it’s free w/ windows)
maybe ther is a converter