Connecting second color sensor to navx i2c

Computer can’t find the second color sensor we have for the robot that is connected to the i2c port on the navx. Any suggestions?

What I2C.Port enum constant are you passing to the ColorSensorV3 constructor?
The one on the NavX should be I2C.Port.kMXP.

Yeah thats the one. And still its not working

What exactly are you seeing?

Computer can’t find …

isn’t very descriptive.

Also, can you post the relevant code? Or perhaps a github link to the full repository? It’s hard to help without seeing code.

I have it display the color and its not giving me anything. My code works for the one i have connected to the roborio but not the one i have connected to the navx

Do you know if connecting it through the navx should work exactly the same as connecting it through the roborio because i couldnt find any examples of people doing that online

I have new ColorSensorV3(I2C.Port.kOnboard) for the roborio sensor and new ColorSensorV3(I2C.Port.kMXP) for the navx sensor