Connecting Solenoid to CRIO

I know where the dual valve solenoid is supposed to be plugged into the solenoid breakout, but I can’t find anything in the KOP to connect the wire to the two prongs on the solenoid breakout. does anyone have any recommendations on how best to do this?

What guage wire is required to connect it?


its a little tiny double toothed piece that wires go in and its 12 or 14 awg

I couldn’t find it. Does it come in the KOP? I only found wires that had a female 2 pin head, but were female on both ends and were a very small guage.

I told our Electrical lead that we had to put in the same cord today, and what he did was take a 3 pin and cut it to make it a 2 pin… So the best I can give you is improvise?

On the SMC solenoids (which is what we are using) the same 2 pocket PWM connector that you connect to the solenoid breakout can be inserted into the solenoid itself and hot glued into place.

If you do not have a 2 pocket pwm style connector, you can easily cut a 3 pocket one down with sidecutters, dremel, or a bench grinder.

The double ended female 2-pin cables you found are intended for 2-pin use.
This includes solenoids and the Robot Status Light (RSL).
You cut them in half to get two connectors. So take half and wire it to your solenoid wires, then the female end just plugs into the Solenoid Breakout.

I’m more of a visual learner, could you please provide a diagram on exactly how the new 2010 festo valves connect? I’m fairly sure that the leads have to be combined on both solenoids to get them to move in unison, but please don’t quote me.