Connecting Switch to RC

Does anybody have any information regarding hooking a switch (ex: Radio Shack #275-663)directly to the robot controller. I notice that switch has 3 pins, but I’m not sure which wire would go to which. What about if the switch/button only has two wires? Where would the ground go?

I’m assuming they would plug into the the Digital Ins/Outs, but I’m not sure.

Any Info would be appreciated.


Please read section 10 (page 9) of [size=2]2004 Full-Size Robot Controller Reference Guide[/size] available from the Innovation First website. Switches are connected from “input” to “ground”.

You are correct in assuming that the switch has to be connected to the digital inputs on the RC.
The three switches are for the 2 positions and the ground.
I will try to make a picture:
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There are 2 positives because there is 2 positions and either one can be on, while one is on the other will be off.
Check the documentation for more specifics on wiring them.