Connecting the WS2812 LEDs to power source in the Robot


It sounds like you are setting it up similar to what is working for us. We have the signal going to the pwm signal on the rio the power and common to a voltage regulator. You need to make sure the common is the same as the rio. Not plugged into the rio just common with it. You will likely have issues if it is not.

We do have the commons tied together but no light. I believe the led strips are the adafruit neopixels 60 LED strip using the ws2812. So Im stumped for now.

Would a team be able to run multiple LED strips off of one PDP port?

By way of a separate 5V voltage regulator? Or are you planning to run 12V LED strips?

5V addressable strips w/ a converter

Then yes you should be able to get a high-current regulator, plug it into a PDP port and run multiple strips off the regulator.

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