Connecting to internet and a ROMI at the same time?

Our team is using the now supported Romi robots for teaching code in a remote environment. While working on getting a test program set up, I ran into a problem in that I could not use the Romi at all while connected to my router. My ideal setup would be to connect my computer to my router via ethernet while using the Romi wirelessly or us both my computer and the Romi wireless. Does anyone have any advice on how to achieve this?

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In the “Networking” tab on the web UI, you can switch the Romi over to “bridge” mode. Enter your network’s SSID and password, and (for most cases) switch the addressing to DHCP. (Or you can statically assign an IP if you know one that is unassigned)

You’ll have to make sure that the Pi is in “Writable” mode, and click “Save” once you’re done. Then wait a little while it connects.


The other option is to use an adapter on your computer. However, of course bridged mode is free :).

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I have been able to screen-share over Zoom while demonstrating the Romi in action. I have my computer connected to my home network using an ethernet cable, and I just connect to the standard Romi using wifi, as normal. This avoids tethering the Romi.

We have also done the opposite - connect the computer to your network using wifi and use an ethernet cable to connect the computer to the Romi.

Neither of these setups require any special configuration or network bridging.

If your computer has more than one wifi adapter you don’t need any cables, though I haven’t tried this.

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I switched the mode to bridge, entered my home network’s SSID and password, and then attempted to connect to the Romi with both dhcp and a static IP. I was unable to connect to it. I am unsure what I’m doing wrong.

Nevermind, it appears I just had to wait a little longer than expected. Thanks for the help!

This seems like a common enough use case that it could be added as an alternative to Step 7 on the Romi documentation Imaging your Romi — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

Something like
7. For a classroom environment, set up better-differentiated access point names… For a remote-learning environment, set up bridge mode…

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I am having trouble with connecting to internet and a ROMI at the same time. I have the Ethernet Address to DHCP and WiFi mode to Bridge and enter my SSID and WPA2 passphrase. What should the other setting be? Does ROMI work if my network is 5Ghz rather than 2.4GHz. Thank you.

What Raspberry Pi do you have? I think older ones only support 2.4 ghz.

Have the 3 B+ which I think supports both but the properties show 2.4GHz so I am not sure.

did you also change your IP address in your build.gradle to match what IP address the Romi was assigned to?

No. Where do I do that? What else needs to change?
I appreciate your help.

You’ll need to modify the build.gradle. It defaults to 10.0.02.

For me, it was easy to get by going to my routers page and looking at the clients. You can probably get it from the pi directly - I’m not sure if it is in the wpilibpi.local pages somewhere or not.

It also does take a good minute or so before it’s all connected and ready to connect to the simulator. I wait until I can get to wpilibpi.local before running the simulator.


since we have this same problem when working with the regular (roborio) robots our team decided to buy a bunch of cheap USB wifi adapters (~$8.00 per adapter). using the main wifi adapter on your laptop, connect to a wifi network that has internet capability. use the USB wifi adapter to connect to the Romi or to a roborio robot.
this works quite well and allows for vs code live share and zoom all while connected to the robot.

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I’ll work on that. Thanks.

Sorry about the lateness, I didn’t see this post until a couple days ago, and I just PRed this today!


Has anyone had difficulty going from bridged mode back to AP mode successfully? I keep just needing to reformat the sd card. The changes do not seem to stick. It is not really a huge deal. I was just curious.

I struggled to get this working, until I moved my host computer network adapter to a static IP at with the Romi at - posting in case someone else is making the same mistake I did and starting at with the host…

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