Connecting xBox 360 Controller to the Robot

Our team is having trouble with the xBox controller for the robot. We can interface the controller with the computer, but it is not compatible with the cRIO. How would we go about making the controller compatible with the cRIO?

it is just a joystick, so you would open it the same way. here are the different axis and buttons for this:
1: A
2: B
3: X
4: Y
5: Left Bumper
6: Right Bumper
7: Back
8: Start
9: Left Joystick
10: Right Joystick

The axis on the controller follow this mapping
(all output is between -1 and 1)•1: Left Stick X Axis
-Left:Negative ; Right: Positive
•2: Left Stick Y Axis
-Up: Negative ; Down: Positive
•3: Triggers
-Left: Positive ; Right: Negative
•4: Right Stick X Axis
-Left: Negative ; Right: Positive
•5: Right Stick Y Axis
-Up: Negative ; Down: Positive
•6: Directional Pad (Not recommended, buggy)

We made our own XBox controller class last year to make things a bit easier. I would upload it, but it’s not mine to upload.

there should be installer for the XBox 360 controlers for WinXP, we had to do that 2010

I bought an Onza TE for our team this year, and I wrote a custom class to deal with it’s differences. It’ll be up on my github before the week is over. It should work with any Xbox controller, but I mean technically it is specified designed for the Onza TE.


Thanks, that seems to work.