Connection issues between roboRIO and wireless brige

So currently when I connect to the roboRIO over a wired connection directly to a laptop over either USB or Ethernet I am able to get full comms and everything seems to work fine. However, when the robotio is connected over ethernet to the wireless bridge and a laptop is connected wirelessly to the bridge I am unable to get comms through the driverstation and any attempted pings to roboRIO-1305-FRC.local either timeout or are responded to by the router ( What complicates this further is that when the bridge is connected to any other robot of ours it works perfectly, attempts to ping roboRIO-1305-FRC.local succeed and we can get comms through the driverstation as well as successfully enable and drive the robot. However not the case on this one particular robot. On top of that whenever I attempt to connect directly from laptop to rio over ethernet and from bridge to rio the ethernet light surrounding the port does light up.

We have attempted to swap cables connecting to the POE injector, powered the bridge off of the barrel adapter and connected it directly to the rio using new ethernet cords, reimaged both the radio and the roboRIO, tried multiple laptops with their firewalls disabled, and nothing seems to solve these weird communication problems.

Because of all these tests, I am lead to believe that the issue lies with the setting and/or software on the roboRIO itself. Currently in settings the RIO is set to configure IPv4 adresses using DCHP or link local. Code is uploaded, it is running 6.0.0.f1 firmware and is imaged on the 2019v14. Has anyone encountered a similar problem? Any hep is greatly appreciated. Thanks

When the robot and laptop are connected via wireless and not communicating as they should, you can try pressing the roboRIO reset button to see if that forces a connection (after ~30 second wait). There is a somewhat rare condition where the roboRIO and radio miss handshaking and then refuse to talk to one another until the RIO (only the rio-do NOT cycle robot power) is restarted.

So I tried hitting the reset button on the roboRIO and seems to have done something as now when I have the rio set to dhcp and have it connected over ethernet to the bridge and then hit the reset button the lights on the ethernet port of the roboRIO itself actually stay lit (which I believe indicates traffic). However, my problem of not having comms stills exists in that pinging roborio-1305-frc.local still fails and I still have no coms through the driver station. After doing this though I have begun to notice the quirk in the rio that when I now connect directly to my laptop over ethernet is does not work when I have the ethernet settings to automatically detect for link local or dhcp. Instead to get a working ethenet link I must manually select dhcp in the roborio settings, and/or connect over usb to get access to change these settings to get a working direct ethernet link. I have tried reimaging the roborio and it seems to have done nothing. I hope what I described made sense.

It might be a DHCP thing. Have you tried setting the laptop and RIO IP as static in the same subnet?

I can not tell you how many problems having non static addresses cause people. I wish FIRST would go back to the recommendation of static everything. I strongly suggest you change everything to static addresses and see what that does for you.

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I have the RIO set with the IP address as with a subnet mask of with a default gateway and DNS of and the laptop is set to have a static ip of with a subnet mask of and without a dns and default gateway set. Any attempts to ping fail but attempts to ping the router ( succeed.

From the IP Networking at the Event screenstepslive page.

You need your DS to have a subnet mask of This guide is about how to set up your network to work in the pits at competition, but I imagine the IP addresses and subnet masks are the same for home use.

I tried connecting once with the same subnet masks and once with different subnet masks ( for rio and for laptop) and it still dosnt have any coms through the driverstation and pinging still fails. These are my settings if anything looks arye.

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That looks right from what I see. I assume you’re connected to the roborio via a tether to show the webdash; if you can see it while connected over wifi but you don’t get a ping, this is a much weirder problem.

This probably isn’t the problem, but it’s always good to do: you should turn off your firewalls. I see from your driver station that you have 3 firewalls on (Public, Private, and Domain). You can go into “Windows Firewall With Advanced Security” and turn them all off from there.

Make sure to disable your laptop ethernet adapter when using your wireless.

The first issue that I see is, according to the picture, the rio is at 10/half. Have you tried different cables? That should be negotiating 100/Full unless you really are using a 10mbit Hub between the rio and laptop.

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I had similar connectivity issues and it was fixed by putting the IP address of the roborio into the team number on driver station.

Thank you for all your help, it seems like after opening the RIO that we had a tiny microscopic metal shaving that seems to have shorted 2 pins in the ethernet port. I still have no idea why it was working when wired directly to a computer but not when connected directly to a router. But everything seems to work when over wireless now.

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