Connection Issues

Hello everyone,

I’m here today because the laptop currently being used to test functions on our robot (mine) is having difficulty maintaining a stable connection with the robot.
I’ve tested the connection on our main robot as well as our portable testing box.

The issues only happen every know and then, but when they occur, it sends the DS a Disable on Comm number in the Power Tab.

comm issues

Anybody else have this issue and found a fix?

Ian Fettes, Lead Programmer

Do you have anything Autodesk installed? I’ve heard of the Autodesk auto-update checker sometimes causing intermittent comm issues.

Nope, no Autodesk products installed. At one point, yes, I did have Fusion360 installed, but that was removed long ago.

Are you sure everything has been removed? ive noticed that it doesnt do a good job of removing all of its parts if you try to uninstall and dont dig around to make sure everything is fully removed.

See if theres anything still sticking around in these folders (or the equivalent location if you chose a different location for your install) :

C://Program Files/Autodesk
C://Program Files(x86)/autodesk
C://Program Data/Autodesk
C:/Users/username/Appdata/Roaming/Autodesk Installer
C:/Users/public/Public Documents/Autodesk

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Just looked for all of those directories. None exist

Also queried the entire C drive for anything Autodesk. No results

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We do happen to be using a Limelight for targeting. . . Maybe that’s causing issues?

This is happening with new or relatively new batteries right? Does it happen both when the robot is sitting idle and when the robot is moving / doing something specific? How often is “now and then” could you reproduce by leaving idle for x minutes? Does it lose wifi?

I doubt the LimeLight has anything to do with this.

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The robot is usually powered from batteries that were from last / year before last year’s competition. The issues only happen when the robot is enabled and running. No, it does not lose Wi-Fi, the connection briefly drops, but drops for enough time that the robot noticeably stutter. Sometimes we’ll be driving forward and the connection will drop, and it will keep moving forward until it regains connection. We almost hit someone with the robot because of that. Had to run over and emergency stop it.

It might be an issue with my laptop’s Wi-Fi chip. Sometimes I’ll close the laptop lid and reopen it, and the Wi-Fi menu shows no connections available. I’ll look into getting it replaced.

You might want to collect some Driver Station logs when it happens. Start by looking at them and see if you can figure out what is actually dropping out. You can also post here and people might be able to look.

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Yes, I have looked at the log file. It seems to be experiencing high packet loss at times.

Do other computers exhibit this same is or is it just this one?

You also might try getting this wifi adapter (it is nice to have anyway for internet and robot connectivity simultaneously) and see if that drops packets too.

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As far as I can tell, this is only an issue with my laptop. I will look into getting that adapter, thank you

If it helps anything, here’s the log file from today’s run (which only lasted about 10 seconds)

High packet loss can be indicative of a poor location for the radio on the robot. Trying to locate the radio somewhere relatively safe and also away from metal that may cause em signals to be blocked, such as in a faraday cage, is a tricky thing.

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I’ll have my electrician look into it, thank you

While I agree normally this case is different. If that was the issue all computers connecting to the robot should see similar levels of loss. If this is truly only happening from this computer then that mostly rules out factors like this.

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FWIW, my bet would be on your laptop at this point. See if the data fits that hypothesis (only happens with this particular laptop, or not). If so, you can use some utilities on the laptop to dig into this a bit more. You should be able to see the signal strength (How to determine Wi-Fi signal strength on Windows 10 | Windows Central) and also monitor traffic to see if there’s anything unexpected there (Network-Related Performance Counters | Microsoft Docs).

If you can see the signal strength, try orienting the laptop in different ways, moving around, etc. You might want to do this with two laptops to see if there’s a large difference.

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I will do that, thank you :smiley:

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Just installed the new wifi chip. Seems to fix the issue. I will post if I encounter any more issues. Thank y’all so much for your help!

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