Connection Problem

Hey, everyone!
I’m having some issues connecting thee driver station to my robot… I’ve tried switching routers and everything, but it won’t connect… Can anyone help?

What is the IP setting on your DS and your roboRIO? Also are you trying to connect via ethernet, USB or wireless with the openmesh radio?

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We’re trying to connect it through WiFi…

The computer is not connecting to the robot?
The RoboRIO is not showing up?
Did you try using another computer (or phone) to connect to WIFI?
Did you reconfigure the router (Making sure it’s in AP mode)?

Also, type in your team # into the xxyy (or whatever combo of letters)

Have you reset your robot radio for home use, since your last competition?

Competition settings add a secret security code that blocks home (or pit) wifi use.


If I had a nickel for every time that turned out to be the problem…

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I also recommend checking out: Unable to Connect to roboRIO in Driver Station, Imaging Tool or LabVIEW, after you make sure your radio is properly configured (as told above) :slight_smile:

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