Connection Problems

So we had got new computers from our school and as far as we know they are all set up the same so with one computer we can connect to the robot wired and wirelessly, but with another we can only connect wired. Is there any way to figure it out? We’re using the latest driver station / labview.

What do you mean by not connect?

Are you able to connect to the robot’s wifi on the computer that does not work?

What OS is on the computer?

we can connect to the wifi but only drive the robot wired

Windows 7

Is there any FireWall on the laptop? If so, disable it. Also, check the laptop network settings for the Wifi vs. wired.

I’m going to guess your school is doing something similar to what our school does. We cannot run our robots wirelessly at our school because the school blocks “rogue” access points (Wireless access points that the school doesn’t control).

We managed to resolve this by discussing it with the school IT admins and having them white list our robot access points. They’ll likely need the MAC address as well as the wireless SSID.

On a personal note, I despise this type of filtering and think it is obnoxious. It works by flooding rogue APs with de-auth packets and just creates more RF noise for no good reason. It also seldom works on hotspots because they are within 1-2 ft of the computer using them and the de-auths just cause the connection to slow and not drop out.

Something to ask your school’s network/IT people about and a possible path for troubleshooting.

EDIT: We’ve also worked around it with 5ghz APs from Ubiquiti but that’s another story…

we can connect wirelessly with one of our computers

the settings are the same

last thoughts… can you ping the roboRIO?

yes… I can connect to it, I just can’t drive without being tied in to the roborio

Please recheck the firewall status while on wifi. Only thing I can come up with at this point is that is whats blocking DS while on wifi but not hardline.

We (#6160) are having the exact same issue. We upgraded to a bigger faster laptop and now are unable to communicate with the robot in Drivers Station. Here is what we are seeing:

We have a connection when we are connected via USB or ethernet.

Once we go to wireless, the drivers station will not connect to drive the robot. We can navagate to the APs dashboard ( and find the RoboRio’s IP (10.61.60.xx). We can even open the RoboRio’s dashboard and log in.

On the drivers station under communications, I see it has communication with the Robot Radio, but that is it.

We tried flushing the DNS, same result.

Any suggestions?

Nevermind, I forgot the first rule of discussion forums, I didn’t search before I posted.

Solution can be found here:

I found it was the firewall and I disabled it and it works now