Connection with cRIO

I want to build a nice console and to get the joystick’s values,Gyro’s value
and so on .How i connect myself to the cRIO NOT from windriver?
I mean from another software , can i get those values from ip and port?

You can either connect via the serial port on the cRio, or use the dashboard data and the labview dashboard app to display the data.

There are instructions how to configure the serial port for console output in one of the control system documents, but I don’t remember which one.

There is an example of how the send the dashboard data in the Wind River samples, but you would need to modify the labview dashboard to work with your data.

im not working with LabView so i want to make an alternative to it by myself.

Can anyone direct me to some guides or documents?i searched in usfirst… :frowning:

I’m not aware of any official documents, but I was able to decode the dashboard data from a .net program. I’m working on a white paper and dashboard viewer, but they aren’t ready for humans to view. :wink:

If you want me to send you the current draft of my documentation send me a PM or e-mail (public [at] ehaskins [dot] net), and I’ll send you a copy.

i sent you an Email , if you didnt get it , send it to ""

thanks alot :slight_smile: