Connector for gyro chip

Does any one know where a connector for the BEI AQRS-00064-109 gyro can be found?

We are trying to use the old gyros from 2001 for programming training.

ouch! I think they came in the kit of parts, and were oddball connectors.

Last time I wired up one of the old gyros I chipped the connector houseing back a little with some wire cutters, and soldered three wires right to the pins, with heatshrink over the exposed wire.

Ooooh boy. This is exactly where we were about two weeks ago. Try to look again. I know, I know, but ours showed up right after I had given up on it. Ken’s method was my last resort, though right up my alley. You know, hack slash, buy a new one, hack slash some more…:slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. I emailed BEI asking where I could find the connectors and they said they no longer had them. They didn’t suggest places to look.

Hey Im not sure if you have seen these or not but i uploaded the original spec sheets for both includes the name and part number of the connector which is NOT made by BEI but instead is a standard part by another company. and also according to the spec sheet they are NOT or ever were included inthe KOP.


The connectors were included in the KOP for those years. We are still using ours.

Never seen them in our kits. we just soldered a pwm directly to the pins and filled the empty space in between with a hot glue gun, it keeps everything in place well.

FIRST has given out two different versions of the BEI Gyro.

I could be mistaken, but I think the connector used on the older one went end-of-life (discontinued) by the manufacturer, and that is why they had to change the design of the gyro to use a different connector.

You should be able to use 2 PWM cables to connect to the pins. Just check the spec sheet to see where each wire should go.

The connector is a Delphi-Packard connector. Since I am on leave from Delphi, I don’t have the master Packard book handy any more. I think the connector is available from some sites that sell ones and twos of the Packard connectors.


Let me think about it. I may be able to come up with the part number…

…stay tuned.

Joe J.

the part numbers are in the spec sheets i uploaded

Thanks for the part numbers.