Conneting to camera without using dashboard in competition.

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible and legal to connect my driver laptop to the robot’s axis camera without using one of the supported dashboards. The camera would be linked up to the bridge. Also this is a completion specific situation as I already know how to connect to the camera though a normal network.

Just curious, why would you choose not to use one of the default dashboards?

I want to do image processing on the laptop, but not using the default dashboard codes. It may be possible to pull the feed from a dashboard which would be fine. But it would be simpler to connect straight to the camera.

As long as all of your communication goes over the ports listed in R59 and the stream you open stays under the bandwidth limit you should be fine.

You may also find the FMS Whitepaper of interest.

Thanks ruff, I will check that out.
Just to clarify you are saying I could use for example ports

  1. HTTP 80
  2. HTTP 443


Communication between the ROBOT and the OPERATOR CONSOLE is restricted as follows:
A. Network Ports: 1. TCP 1180: This port is typically used for camera data from the cRIO to the Driver Station (DS) when the camera is connected to port 2 on the 8-slot cRIO (P/N: cRIO-FRC). This port is bidirectional.
2. TCP 1735: SmartDashboard, bidirectional
3. UDP 1130: Dashboard-to-ROBOT control data, directional
4. UDP 1140: ROBOT-to-Dashboard status data, directional
5. HTTP 80: Camera connected via switch on the ROBOT, bidirectional
6. HTTP 443: Camera connected via switch on the ROBOT, bidirectional

Teams may use these ports as they wish if they do not employ them as outlined above (i.e. TCP 1180 can be used to pass data back and forth between the ROBOT and the DS if the Team chooses not to use the camera on port 2).

Exactly. You could use any of the ports listed there, but given that those two are specifically called out for the camera I would guess those are the ports it talks on (at the very least by default)

Thank you very much that answers my question! :smiley:

So if I use a odroid to do vision processing on the robot it should not matter what port I am using. I am routing on the robot. Is this correct?

See Rule R58 for a set of ports to avoid.