Consent form reusage

About a fourth of our team ran into various issues with the electronic consent form and opted to go the paper route for kickoff.

We were under the impression that we could write both the kickoff and the regional down for “events” on the form, and use the form for both events. I believe this is also what we did last year.

However, our forms were collected at the kickoff and we never received them back. Do those members who filled out hard copies have to fill one out again, or do those from kickoff carry over to the regional?

We never forwarded the forms to your next regional(in my experience helping run a remote kickoff.) In my experience attending events, you need to fill it out again for each event.

You need to fill out new forms.

See the FAQ on this page for confirmation.

Kickoff forms can never be used for regionals.
The only time that these forms can be used twice are for regionals.
You only have to bring them to your first regional (Unless you bring new people for the second or third regional and you haven’t included them in the first regional packet.)

You also always have to bring a new set to championships.

Don’t ask me why… but it has always been this way…

This year with the new online form… you only have to bring paper forms for those that did not use the online system. You do, however, have to print out a team roster and physically add any students who did NOT do the online and ALL of the mentors. (Mentors could not use the online system…)

hope this helps…

You need to fill out the forms for each event. Fun stuff I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

According to the Championship-FRC Essential Event Information Packet sent out yesterday, under “Registration and Uncrating”, it says that if you have attended a Regional Event and handed in Consent and Release Forms this season, you do not have to do so for Championship. (Kickoff does not count, as stated above) Any new people who are attending Championship as their first FIRST event for the year though does indeed have to turn in new forms.

Can we just bring a copy of the forms from Regionals? I made copies of the forms before I turned them in.