Consistent Auto Pathplanner RevRobotics Swerve

Hi all, we are having some inconsistencies with our autos. We are using pathplanner with RevRobotics swerve. It seems as though traversally it varies around 6 inches or so. The weird this is, it usually is consistent 3 times in a row and then it just seems to shift for another 3 times or so. So sometimes it’s right on, others it hits the outside of the bumpers. It could be PID but we have not got a sure value. Any input would be much appreciated.

Have you tried a straight path to see if it varries side to side at all there?

Edit: Also are you starting with your modules straight each time in auto? We found much greater accuracy when we started aligning our modules to start the match


Make sure that prior to your path there is some command that “Forces” the modules to point in the initial path heading. Most of the time this is “Straight” - but your specific setup may require something different.

Otherwise, the initial movement from PP tends to apply both velocity and steering commands concurrently, so depending on how out of alignment the modules are, the robot loses (some amount) of initial path length as the modules rotate to heading.

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