Consistently Incorrect, Or Inconsistently Correct

This is not the thread to complain about the game! It is to comment on how you would prefer the reffing of the game to be done.

Complain about the game here if you must

With many matches being influenced by penalties, what type of referee would you rather have?

A Consistently Incorrect ref, who makes the incorrect call all the time, but at least stays consistent in making the call incorrectly over the course of a regional.


An Inconsistently Correct ref, who sometimes makes the correct call, but not consistently over the course of a regional.

I don’t mean for any specific rule, or for possessions, just for reffing overall. I also don’t mean to offend anyone, I merely want to learn more about what people would rather see.

The former, easily. You can adjust to a consistent incorrect ruling and play accordingly. You can’t adjust to an inconsistent ruling, correct or incorrect.

I’d rather have a ref who understands the difference between an incidental infraction and an intentional one. If Team XXYY’s intake happens to bump my inner frame as we are passing why call it? It happens. If Team YYXX’s intake is rammed into my bot repeatedly? Call that because it’s blatant.

To answer the question though: Consistently Incorrect.

I agree, I’d rather have the problem that is more easily fixed. In 4265’s first Q we had an issue. We run a modified Octoanum drive, (Butterfly modules with Collson/Mecanum) and placed ourselves as far forward in the white as we could. This meant that the wheels that were on the ground at the time were all the way forward, while still in the white zone. Because the wheels on the ground are closer to the center than the wheels that were up, this meant that the front part of the robot was past the line. However the rule explicitly states that all of the robot contacting the carpet has to be in the white zone. It wasn’t until the Head Ref took a look that we were able to start the match. As soon as he did, we didn’t have any trouble with this throughout the competition.

I’d rather have a consistently incorrect referee, because you can adapt to the way he calls the match despite him/her being incorrect.