Conspiracy of the 27's

During 2018’s First Robotics Championship Detroit, the winning alliance of Daly field was comprised of 2767, 27, 4027, and 2708. An obvious pattern is evident here: 27. Now while yes every one of the alliance’s four teams has the consecutive digits"2" & “7” there is more. Another case of 27 is seen between 2767 & 4027 each considered one of the primary three robots in their alliance. You see, the digits that are not"27" have a difference of 27 ie 67 - 40 = 27
Here are some more examples of the 27 conspiracy, I’d be happy to see more people contribute similar findings:

  • team 27 finished with 26 ranking points and had a very very near 27th that earns itself a place in this conspiracy as in match 108 on Daly (108=27x4!!!) 6th overall 2877 failed to activate during the match which 27 still managed to compensate for by doubling themselves over
    (27x2) = 54
    This doubling product can be summed up by boiling Q108 down to a two red robot effort by 27 & 245 with a match score 451-249.
    (27x2) = (1+0+8) + (2+7)+(2+4+5)] + {(4+5+1)+(2+4+9)} ie 54=9+(9+11)+(10+15)=9+20+25
  • 2877’s Q108 sabotage (or Sab-Bot-Age, aka the 11th seeded robot on Carson with a cumulative ranking point total of 27 <also 1+6+4+0=11 oh my lordie!>) Was not isolated in this match alone, as an obvious adversary of the 27 club. It’s number alone explains this rivalry, as it’s set of consecutive 7’s separated from a preceding 2 are teased by the single digit augmented 8 as it’s second digit. Also it’s digit sum fall short of 27 by 3, making it the last ordered multiple of three to not be 27. 2+8+7+7=24 3x8=24 3x9=27 9-8=1 :open_mouth:
  • 4362’s rivalry with 27: another opponent of 27, 4362’s number bears much despise of the number 27:
    /It’s hundred’s indicator plus it’s remaining digit sum is the last ordered multiple of three to not be 54(27x2) //43+6+2=((27x2)/3-1)x3=(17x3)
    /Also it’s cumulative digit pair product’s sum is the last ordered multiple of three to not be 27 // (4x3)+(6x2)=((27/3)-1)x3=(8x3)
    /It’s inside-outside digit pair product’s sum is just one less than 27 // (4x2)+(6x3)=27-1=26
    /Etc these are kinda stupid and all I get it
    <4362’s misfortunes result from it’s opposition of the 27 gang.
    /In Q9 it alligned itself with the 29ers, 2729 & 329 (a rebellious 27 member and a founding member of the 29ers respectively) to score 329(329) and lose against 188, 2706, & 747 (7.2+2.7) whose allegiance to 27 ensured victory regardless of how much they scored(428pts), overall (/27)one upping(+27)those 29ers making them compete backwards(92)//(188+2706+747-428)/27=119//(119-27)=92
    /later in match 17 overcome an opposing score of 275
    /Q31 takes down 4327
    /Q45 shows backwardness (45 is 54 backwards=27x2) and takes down 27 paired with/ 22nd 836 and 67th 1739 // (67-22)=45 / who were screwed against 4855, 5030, & 4362 // (4+8+5+5)+(5+0+3+0)+(4+3+6+2)=45
    /Q54 despite multiplicity of 27 shows inverted distrust again as well as allegiance to 29ers again in Q54 as 4308, 2013, & 4362 combined for 454 points// (5+4)+(4+3+0+8)+(2+0+1+3)+(4+3+6+2)=45 // 45+(4+5+4)=(29x2)
    /Q60 twice forcing upon 4027 the 29ers filth, as Q30 saw 4027, 1305, & 7048 combine for 346 points and lose // (6+0)+(4+0+2+7)+(1+3+0+5)+(7+0+4+8)+(3+4+6)=(29x2) / a fate of 29 given 3 times in a backwards and twist differential// (404-326)=78 87/3=29
    / I’m done analyzing the rest of these matches but there is some pretty low hanging fruit in their later matches
    / eliminations - 27 always wins - 5th, 26th, &36th ranked robots crushed 4362’s alliance in quarterfinal 2 matches 1&2 // 5+(2+6)+(3+6)+2+1+2=27
  • I really don’t have all the time in the world so how bout if you think similarly or a bit differently find some other 27 conspiracies especially within Daly. Remember this all started with 4027,27,2708,&2767, and how 67-40=27 and look where it went

This is quite possibly one of the best posts i have ever seen :smiley:

This took a long time so I’d appreciate reputation and rating boosts. If you don’t know me I was my team’s mascot 2016/2017 I dressed up as a giraffe. Our team has orange shirts with a giraffe inside a gear on them. This year we ranked 43rd on Carson after a stream of bad luck with our schedule, two mishaps involving a disconnected winch PWM, and a Radio Ethernet cable disconnect

Thank you so much! Unless you’re reverse psychologying me, I don’t trust some with the digits “2” & “7” arranged in the order in which you have :stuck_out_tongue:


Well my team calls me a giraffe… so there’s that… they even hung a 5 gallon bucket in our shop as a giant hamster style water dispenser. Something about being 6’ 7" with red hair just naturally makes me a target with these things…

Anyways… here’s a meaningless green dot for your satisfaction… spend it wisely!

and another… this is really impressive

You must have had a lot of time on the bus back home, awesome post!

Ha! Ironically enough I’m 5’5" and was only 5’ 2016 during stronghold. It was however my hayday as I was most reputable for 2016 st Louis going around in the team’s Giraffe Halloween costume and onto the field during the mascot parade. There is a finger on my team who’s neck is quite long and is probably 5’8" so he’s our resident giraffe meme. I think I’d ought to make a mascot thread that has best stories and harassments… Hmmmm

While yes I did have alot of time I used it entirely on sleeping as my team left@9 on Saturday. This thread is simply a means of coping with withdraw from scouting data analysis and overall competition breakdowns (no not panic attacks and such). If I had st Louis back to PA like 2 years ago, I would have made this George Lucas’s biggest sci-fi competitor :smiley: thanks for the kind words

3082 :: 3(8/2)!=27

13471 :: (7+4-2-2)3=27

7013 :: 37-10=27

4607 :: 67-40=27 a classic if I say so

Just realizing now you are parodying 27 rush. Seems like you are on the team however so… CONGRATULATIONS on your first ever FRC Championship in your first time in Einstein! Also: nice catch in E1. Saved the match bc if they fell that blocks off platform zone cubes to scale on your side and suffocates your side. Also endgame would’ve been tough.

Thank you, although i’m now an alumni (and just realized i didn’t specify that on my profile, oops XD) And I’ve now re watched that save too many times to admit. That’s now one of my favorite moments in FRC I’ve witnessed.

I hope you all found travelling worked out in the end?


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Thankfully it did. All Dawgma team members are back home in PA.