Constant Spam Threads

Honestly, this is getting ridiculous.
Is there anything else we can do than just reporting and getting the thread removed?

When I was a new user and I made my first post, wasn’t there something like “your post may not appear until moderators approve it”? What happened to that?

Well, it’s a little controversial, but we could require team numbers.

Is there anyway someone can track the IP adress of where these posts are coming from? Just an idea. Don’t know if it can happen.

Team 180 might object…:wink:

As the Olympic Games are currently occurring, these will probably be posted with increased frequency. Be on the lookout, everyone!

Yea I had to do the same, is that still something new users need to do? (also replying on this post makes people think this thread is a valid thread, maybe this is not the place to have this conversation)

I’m not sure. For me it didn’t apply and my first post was immediate.

I’m pretty sure I did the same.

I sent a message to Brandon today. The issue is that most of the forums that get hit with heavy spam have very few mods. Like rumor mill only has 13 mods where the general forum has 31. The amout of spam across the site has increased, and the mods do the best job they can, but the Spammer find the sub-forums that don’t have many active mods.

also many mods have disabled the email notifications for spam because of the volume which also doesn’t help the problem.

Happy to mod if he wants me to. I’ve only been around 14 years…


Just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:

(emphasis mine)

Keyword “may”.

Not to give them any ideas, but they’d eventually outsmart it, which would be worse.

Possibly, but I think they’re in different places from different spammers, so it wouldn’t stop all of them.

Definitely. It’s pretty obvious if it’s spam though, as the titles are nonsensical incomplete sentences. Don’t get me started on the grammar…:stuck_out_tongue:

That’s it? I heard that you need to have maintained an active account here for at least 30 years…


The spam is becoming a bigger problem, but even though the mods aren’t always able to remove it quickly, I’m not sure how effective it is for the spammers. We all know it’s spam, and therefore don’t click the links, thus not benefiting the spammers. Is there an email account confirmation? I can’t remember. They’re obviously bypassing the CAPTCHA…what if no hyperlinks are allowed in first posts or if the account is fairly new? Spam accounts rarely post more than once.

Rather than continue discussion in a spam thread, let’s use one of the many prior threads about spam prevention.

Everything mentioned here has already been discussed in those threads. Keep in mind, CD currently runs a very old version of vBulletin (the forum software). CD will be moving to a new software at some point:

Edited in. They’ve gotten around that one long ago.

While I was visiting family in India, I had to access CD through a VPN until I got back (I didn’t want to wait for Brandon to let my IP through). I assume any spammers are doing the same.

Another possible way to at least hide the spam is if a post is reported by say 3 people (pick any number you like), it is then automatically hidden until a mod does something with it. You could also make it only for threads started by accounts less than x days old, with less than x posts, etc. to limit abuse towards legitimate members. This system would enable the threads to be at least temporarily dealt with in a matter of seconds to minutes instead of hours and removes the time sensitivity for mods and I feel like Chief Delphi is capable of not completely abusing a system like this (famous last words).

Can Vbulletin even do this?

Note: I deleted the original spam post that started this thread, and moved all of the subsequent discussion to a separate thread.


I have seen several different ideas about how to combat spam, but as far as I can tell, nothing has been implemented. I’m not even sure that there is someone maintaining the actual website (as opposed to content). I remember seeing a post awhile back about all the changes that were going to be made to the website, but I can’t tell if any of those were actually implemented. Does anyone know who owns and maintains CD?