Constructing Bumpers

My lead mentor on my team has discussed with my team that the pool noodles are not allowed to be attached to the plywood backing with duct tape this year. I am confused by this, because I see no explicit rule saying that duct tape is not allowed this year. My question is, how are teams supposed to attach the pool noodles to the backing this year, and is it true that duct tape is no longer allowed?

Wrong rule. NO tape is allowed on the bumpers, other than gaffer’s tape for repairs.

The reason given is that that does not conform to the drawing shown in R21.

There was a discussion on this earlier in the season, when the Q&A in question came out. Basically, your fabric needs to hold your pool noodles on. So you’re going to want to stretch the fabric tight over the noodles; some suggest using string and pulling the string out right before stapling down.

Okay. So, would it break the rules to have tape wrapped around both pool noodles to secure them together?

The Q&A has answered the question. No tape except gaffer’s tape for repairs to the covering fabric.

I can’t necessarily say that I agree with the ruling’s reasoning, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t follow it, particularly if I know that a team is skirting the bounds of legality. I believe other inspectors have a similar point of view.

Kay as far as I can tell, yes it would but that specific question hasn’t been asked to the Q&A. You could ask if you are so inclined.

That’s alright, I’m using fabric strips to attach the pool noodles together and I plan to staple the fabric to the back of the ply. Thank y’all!